UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

The Racketlon Super Series returns in 2020 for its fourth incarnation with a summary of our previous champions here.  As in previous seasons, the points for each grade can be found in the below Matrix (updated for 2020 to include Men's D & E grades) and the updated cut off of players ineligible for the Challenger Super Series event.  We also retain the 2019 update, that players eligible for the Masters event, but playing in the open categories (A-E) will also earn points for the Masters Super Series. In the event of a player earning points in multiple categories (i.e. at the British Championships), their highest points total for each category will be used, but points will not be combined (so points won in the Men's B and the Men's O45 won't be combined in the Masters series, just the highest value set of points).  

Super Series Points Matrix

The points structure has been derived from the FIR World Ranking points setup, but with a slight modification to ensure fairness depending on draw size of each category, therefore finishing 4th in an 8 draw event and finishing 8th in a 16 draw event are worth the same value.  

We can also confirm the Top 30 cut off who will NOT be eligible for the Challenger title (please note someone could win the Men's Open and Men's Challenger titles if they are ranked outside the top 30!). This is taken from the UK rankings lists on January 5th 2020.  

1 Dan Busby
2 Leon Griffiths
3 Duncan Stahl
4 Will Coley
5 Ray Jordan
6 Alex Du Noyer
7 Luke Barnes
8 Jeremy Krzystyniak
9 Luke Griffiths
10 Matthew Davidson
11 Dave Edgar
12 Jack Bishop
13 Mark Steeden
14 Simon Whale
15 James Langworthy
16 Jon Spinks
17 Ross Wilson
18 Josh Kashdan
19 Jordan Dainty
20 Martyn Langston
21 Keith Lesser
22 Andrew Hopwood
23 Richard Colman
24 David Bennett
25 Simon Lau
26 Johnny Bispham
27 Duncan Marlow
28 Alan Plater
29 Matthew Haynes
30 Peter Browning


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