UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Mission Statement

As governing body, the objective of UK Racketlon is to promote Racketlon in the UK, making Racketlon and multi-racket sports (table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis as one concept) accessible to as many groups and individuals within the UK as possible, excluding no one.

To achieve this aim UK Racketlon commits to

1. Implement development programmes for beginner to elite players and education programmes for coaches and referees.
2. Liaise with national government bodies of the constituent sports, partner Racketlon associations and other relevant organisations.
3. Offer advice and support to all racket sports venues and players using those venues either for social or competitive Racketlon and
4. Promote good codes of practice for coaches, parents, players and volunteers

Racketlon is fun, clean and healthy. The UK has excellent facilities for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy Racketlon and UK Racketlon is committed to facilitate and encourage that enjoyment.