UK Racketlon



What is Racketlon?

In a nutshell, you play your opponent at table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis, each sport is played to 21 points and the player with the most points across all four sports wins the Racketlon match. This relatively simple description hides a wonderful sport filled with intricacy, mental pressure, tactics and a huge amount of fun. Ultimately in Racketlon, every point counts and that makes it an intriguing, exciting and fantastic sport to play.



Why should I play?

Every Racketlon player has their own personal reasons to keep coming back. For some they include: the chance for competition, a UK ranking, international travel, a world ranking and the opportunity to play for Team GB in team competitions. Alternatively it might be the challenge of trying to master four very different racket sports, or even the enjoyment the “every point counts” situation and the mental scoreboard pressure that presents. For others it is the balance of competition, you might get thrashed in one sport but hand that thrashing back in your specialist sport. The match up of player’s strengths and weaknesses makes every match enthralling.

Ultimately, whatever a player’s reason, what keeps them coming back is the Racketlon community. Players lay everything on the line, stretching every muscle and sinew for every point, but play in a fair and honest spirit. Calling your own lines ensures fair play and honesty dominate the tour.

In summary, the challenge of four different sports, in a unique scoring system being played within a great community of competitive yet fair players ensures that Racketlon tournaments are great fun and that is ultimately what sport should be about.


What's the standard like?

Racketlon tournaments are banded by ability to give players the best match experience. The aim is to ensure that everyone players gets close matches overall, so while you may get beaten in one sport, you will be able to hand it back elsewhere. Frequently tournaments also have junior and vets classes, with the aim of giving all players suitable entry options.

In essence Racketlon tournaments are designed so that players of all abilities are able to enter and get satisfying matches within their own category. From complete beginners to those who are already competent in a few of the sports, Racketlon is able to accommodate everyone. So come along and play your first tournament!

Advice on finding and entering tournaments including advice on which category you should enter can be found here.