UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Yes, with great regret, the 2019 UK Racketlon season has come to an end (but don’t worry, it will be back in 2020). However, joyously, this does mean that it is time for the UK Racketlon End of Season Awards, which is back for its fifth iteration. The awards form part of our end of season review which will appear ready for your enjoyment before Christmas. As in the previous seasons, there are some awards that you can vote on and some that are arbitrarily awarded by myself (James Pope, don’t blame anyone else) based on information provided to me or things seen at Racketlon tournaments through the year.

To vote in the awards, please send your votes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., you can vote in as many of the categories as you wish, even if it is just one. The awards open for voting are:

• UK Racketlon Man of the Year
• UK Racketlon Woman of the Year
• International Man of the Year
• International Woman of the Year
• UK Tournament of the Year
• International Tournament of the Year
• Match of the Year
• Moment of the Year
• UK Racketlon Personality of the Year

For the benefit of this competition, UK Racketlon as a header refers to any British player or British tournament. International applies to all non-British players or events.

Voting closes on Sunday 15th December at 20:00