UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

UK Racketlon today announces a change to our selection committee.  After a number of years of service, Barbara Capper is stepping down from her role on the GB Teams selection committee.  UK Racketlon would like to take this opportunity to thank Barbara for her dedication to this role. Even when injury precluded her regular attendance on the UK Tour, Barbara was as well informed on the strengths and form of any player, as the rest of the committee.  

While it is always hard to fill someone shoes, UK Racketlon are delighted to announce that Matilda Parslow has agreed to step up into this role.  Over the last 18 months, Matilda has firmly established her playing reputation on both the UK and World Tours, winning titles on both.  Additionally, she won World Championships Team Gold last summer with the GB 2 team in the Amateur competition in Zurich.  

Role of the Selection Committee
The GB Teams Selection Committee is responsible for determining which categories we will enter GB Teams in to at each FIR World Team Championships.  They are also responsible for then selecting the squad members from the eligible player pool.  Their selections are based on a number of factors, but are primarily related to a players results, especially at key tournaments such as the British Championships.  In addition to Matilda, the committee is comprised of (in alphabetical order) Dan Busby, Ray Jordan and Duncan Stahl.  

The Selection Committee will soon be beginning their discussions for our squads for the 2019 World Team Championships, with a view to announcing the squads by the end of July.  The 2019 World Team Championships will take place in Germany from the 19th to 24th November in conjunction with the 2019 World Singles Championships.  All UK Tour players are eligible to enter the World Singles Championships, irrespective of their involvement in the GB Teams, and I am sure that many players who have attended previous World Championships would encourage you to attend, they are a unique and very special tournament each season and well worth playing if you can! Further event information can be found here