UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

The 2018 UK Racketlon will take place at the close of play at the 2018 Hertfordshire Open at the Letchworth Squash & Tennis Club.  All players are welcome to attend, whether they are playing in Letchworth on Sunday or just came for the AGM.  While there is a UK Racketlon board member at every UK Tour event through the season and we are always available should you wish to pass on your comments or thoughts to us, the AGM represents the communities best chance to engage with us and see the direction in which we are intending to take Racketlon here in the UK. 

The Agenda can be downloaded as a PDF here or is available in text format below.  If you are unable to attend, but have thoughts on the proposed agenda, please e-mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 4pm on Sunday 28th October. The minutes of the 2017 EGM can be found here




UK Racketlon AGM 2018

Sunday 28th October 2018 - Letchworth Squash & Tennis Club – Beginning at Close of Play.


  • Welcome (RJ) - 5m
  • Apologies (RJ/JP) - 5m
  • Minutes of last year's AGM/EGM (JP) - 10m
  • Finances including saving / spending implications (ADN) - 15m
  • Roles & Elections (RJ) - 15m
  • 2019 UK Tour plus super series (JB/JS) – 15m
  • A summary of the below topics that we will be working on* (RJ) - 10m
  • AOB - 5m

*We won't be going into detail on these topics, rather summarising them so the community knows our workload and priorities.

Summary Topics

There are a number of other things that the board would like to bring up and discuss with the wider community during the AGM, however we are aware that players won’t want the AGM to drag on for a long time! Over the close season, the board will be continuing to work on these issues, and we wish to invite comments from the community on these topics.  If you have any queries, or can’t attend in person but wish to pass on your thoughts, then please e-mail James Pope before 4pm on Sunday 28th October.  

These other topics include, in no particular order:

  • Equipment / sponsorship review
  • Membership
  • Equipment inventory
  • 2019 London Open & our involvement
  • Training camps
  • County Champs & importance of regional integration
  • Venues & organisers database
  • Website (one or two bits out of date)
  • Rankings....
  • How to make our roles more targeted /specific / people to stick to things (including me)
  • Encouraging more players from minority groups (including kids!)
  • Making our tournaments even better!
  • And just generally improving the awareness and publicising Racketlon!

The minutes of the 2017 EGM can be found here: