UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

The FIR and her new president, our very own Duncan Stahl, have announced the World Tour for 2019, which features some new ideas, some inspired by the UK Racketlon community. For the first time ever, you could play Racketlon in 9 European capital cities, including the big three of London, Paris and Berlin! Within the World Tour, will be an FIR version of the UK Racketlon Super Series. The “Victor Racketlon Series”, sponsored by Victor will see players rewarded for accruing the most points across three World Tour events in Riga, Malta and Berlin. The FIR have also decided to return to an annual World Championships, with a view to expanding the global potential of Racketlon as so successfully seen this past summer in Zurich. Full details on the tour can be found here.  

However, without doubt, the highlight of the 2019 Racketlon World Tour will be a Challenger event. While this is counter-intuitive for a year which features the World Doubles championships at the legendary King of Rackets event, a World Singles and Teams championships at a new hotel-sports centre in Germany (players sleeping in rooms metres from the courts) and the new Victor Series across three countries, nothing will beat the London Open. In 2019, the World Tour returns to the UK at a new venue for the world of Racketlon. The Roehampton Club, famous for its glorious grass courts, wine bars, restaurants and of course the Wimbledon qualifying event is throwing open its doors (and its grass tennis courts) to the world of Racketlon. While playing tennis on grass is no longer a novelty for the UK Tour, this event will attract huge interest from the world wide Racketlon community and we expect this event to be full within hours of opening for entries! The only previous time the World Tour featured grass court tennis was the British Open in 2013, played at the Northern.

The Racketlon World Tour is open for every player whether you play in the A or the D grades, whether you are a newcomer to the sport or a regular of the UK Tour. If you have any queries about playing on the World Tour then please get in contact with us and we will be happy to help you out!

Finally, you are no doubt now, also wondering about the 2019 UK Tour. New tour organiser, Jon Spinks has recently got that ball rolling and we will be announcing our first tour event dates in the next few weeks.