UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

It is a good question! As well as being an award winning dedicated sportsman, Jon Spinks has found some time in his forest cabin retreat at the University of Stirling to come up with this thought provoking question as the subject of his MSc Dissertation.  Jon, however, can't do it all alone, so he has requested some help, please see the below message:

I would like to invite you all to take part in a questionnaire for my Sport Management masters dissertation. My dissertation question shall be “Is the lack of UK Sport recognition for Racketlon as a ‘sport’ a major barrier to its growth?”

As a background to this, currently Racketlon is not officially recognised as a sport in the UK, and this has a number of effects on how we are able to run and operate as a sporting organisation. I shall be conducting interviews with relevant individuals within both the Racketlon world and outside of it as the bulk of the research, but for additional information I would be very appreciative if you could just take 5-10 minutes please to answer this questionnaire about regular players experience of Racketlon and views on future growth.


Jon's survey can be found here: