UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

The summer months always represent a busy time on the Racketlon circuit with popular tournaments abroad (such as King of Rackets), but also here in the UK.  In the coming couple of months there are currently four events scattered around the UK with entries ready and open for all of them. 


Welwyn Garden City Open - Gosling Sports Park - Sunday 20th May

First up is the Welwyn Garden City Open which will be taking place at Gosling Sports Park.  Gosling has hosted our past two County Championships iterations and provides great facilities especially with their dedicated tennis centre. The venue is conveniently located for access from the North and London so we are hopeful of a good attendance for the first ever WGC Open!  Enter online HERE today!


Northumberland Open - Newcastle - Sunday 17th June

As he enjoys his Rocky IV-esque cabin in the frozen woods existence, Jon Spinks is taking an occasional break from an award winning stay (see page 16 & 17) in Stirling to organise a new event, the Northumberland Open.  Taking place on Sunday 17th June, this event is a first outing for Racketlon in Newcastle and the furthest North in England the sport has been played.  A cracking venue across the sports, there will also be a dedicated menu on the day enabling the Racketlon player to enjoy great sport and a great feed as well! Enter online HERE today!


Super Series Continues

With two rounds completed at the East Midlands Open and the British Championships, the 2018 Super Series is well underway.  However, there is still much to play for, with all the categories showing a wide open field.  Dan Busby, Jo Shelley, Jermaine Manners, Will Taylor, Jeremy Krzystyniak & Martyn Langston all lead the various categories, however their chasing pack are hot on the heels! Therefore the next few round will be vital to decide who wins these prizes and to that end, the next two events in the 2018 Super Series are now open for entry.  

Round 3 – Staffordshire Open – Keele University – Sunday 8th July
Round 3 will take place at Keele University, this gem of a venue has hosted a tournament in previous seasons and with its central location it has been upgraded to the 2018 Super Series.  In previous seasons, winners have gone home with mobile phones and beauty products, so who knows what Tournament Director George Roberts has up his sleave for a Super Series event!  University facilities have been ever impriving and are becoming increasingly popular on the UK Tour, with Notting University, Nottingham Trent, Surrey as well as Keele all providing excellent venues for Racketlon.  Enter online HERE today!


Round 4 – North West Open – The Northern LTSC – Sunday 22nd July
As we all enjoyed some unseasonable warm weather over a large swathe of the UK, then thoughts of many a Racketlon player drift towards the North West Open and its venue The Northern Lawn Tennis & Squash Club in Manchester.  The Northern holds the unique status of being the only World Rackelon venue to play the tennis on grass and while the weather has thwarted our attempts in recent years, you have to hope in 2018, that this would be the year to see the Racketlon world grace the grass in glorious sunny Manchester!  Enter online HERE today!


We expect these events to be very popular and so we suggest early entry to avoid missing out!