UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Our jam packed UK Tour for 2016 is brilliant, and its geographical spread also highlights how Racketlon is growing in the UK.  We are also able to host World Tour events at two phenomenal venues in Redbridge and the Surrey Sports Park.  However, all these events, across two Racketlon tours means that there are two versions of Tournament Software to use and also the World Tour license to deal with.  Hopefully, we can help with this quick guide to the various mechanisms, but if you do have any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Playing on the UK Tour

UK Tour events are all events played in the UK with the exception of the English Open and the Racket Masters.  To enter a UK Tour event, we use the general version of Tournament Software (a website with an orange background).  To enter a tournament you will need to be registered with this site and once registered you can enter all the events you like.

Entering a UK Tour Event

Click to enter online and once you have accepted the Tournament Regulations, you will reach the entry screen.  Fill in the information as required including a phone number (we request it is a mobile number in case we need to contact you on the tournament day.  Whilst you are not required to provide a player ID, the entry system will ask you to enter a club.  Any information can be entered here, we recommend you simply enter N/A.  Once your details are entered, click next and select the category you wish to enter.  Once you have selected a category, click next to proceed to payment.  Your entry will then be processed (and you will receive confirmation e-mails).  Your entry will not appear online immediately, the Tournament Director needs to download entries and update the tournament.  As long as you have received an e-mail titled “Confirmation of entry for EVENT NAME” you are in the system and the tournament.


Playing on the World Tour

Whether an event in the UK or abroad, everyone at UK Racketlon would encourage you to try the World Tour events.  They offer an opportunity to test yourself against a range of players, many of them new to you as well as watching the very best in the world playing each other, an inspiring (and scary) experience.  World Tour events, run by the FIR, are entered through a private version of tournament software at (a website with a white background colour).  If you are keen to try out the World Tour we have two UK events in 2016 (the English Open and theRacket Masters), or if you fancy a bit of travelling, there is normally a few UK players heading to events across the continent, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to get more information on how to find out who is travelling.

Entering a World Tour Event

The private version of tournament software requires a separate log in to your UK tournament software log in as whilst they share the software, they are separate systems.  If you are new to registering with the FIR Tournament Software, we suggest you add FIR to your UK Tour log in username, for your own convenience.  You cannot use the same log in username as that will confuse the software.  Once you are registered and logged in, the entry process is the same as for the UK Tour events.

World Tour License

This is a one off payment made to the FIR to play in World Tour events.  It is paid online through Tournament Software prior to entering your first world tour event of the season and it is then valid for all events on the world tour in that calendar year.  There is no license fee to play on the UK Tour.


We hope this information helps you, if you have any further questions, then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..