UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Recently, Lauren Whiteman organised a charity Racketlon event and here with a round up of all that happened is Lauren herself.  

Winners of the Whiteman Cup: Tom and the Geriatrics

Sunday 3rd July saw the inaugural Droitwich Charity Racketlon Team Event, hosted by Rivers Leisure (Droitwich) & Droitwich High School. Organised and supervised by Lauren Whiteman, it aimed to introduce the sport to members of local racket clubs. As in a standard team event each match consisted of two Men’s Singles, one Ladies Singles & a Men’s Doubles to 11 points. Teams were allocated names with the winners being able to change theirs to put on the trophy.

Six teams fought throughout the day, with the final being contested by “Rivers Raiders” and “Tom and the Geriatrics”. So close & competitive was the final that it was won by ‘a single point’. Tom and the Geriatrics (Tom Rollitt, Nick Riddle, Amy Ainsworth, Kris Stewart and Matthew Heeramun) became the first winners of the “Whiteman Cup”.

3rd/4th payoff was won by “Wychavon All-Stars” (who had narrowly lost to the eventual runners-up by 11 points in the round-robin stages) beating the “Tennis Misfits”. In the 5th/6th match the “Droitwich Racketeers” were victorious over the “High School Exiles”.

All competitors enjoyed the event and are keen for a repeat in 2018, when undoubtedly both fitness & skill levels will have developed.

It was appreciated that the Mayor & Mayoress of Droitwich attended the event and were interested to see the action across all four events.

The proceeds and profits from the event have been donated to the MIND Charity. With the support from local businesses who provided fruit, water, prizes and stationary, over £250 has been donated to this worthy cause.


There was some local press coverage of the event which can be found here and an eagle eyed Jon Spinks spotted this on the BBC Sport website