UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

AGM Agenda – 1 Hour Meeting

To take place at end of day’s play (schedule now too full to do it during the day)

1. Election / Re-election of committees (10 mins)


a) Ray Jordan – Chairman

b) Dave Ridout – Vice Chairman

c) Keith Lesser – Finances

d) Duncan Stahl – Sport England

e) Vacant - Sponsorship/Marketing

f) James Pope – Comms/Reporting/Database

g) Jack Bishop – UK Tour 

h) George Roberts – Back office & Events

i) Dan Busby – GB Selection

j) Dominique Ford - Volunteers

k) Richard Boreham - Rankings

l) Matt Daggitt - Website

m) Vacant - Twitter (New)

n) Vacant - New Players (New)

o) Regional Organisers – Malcolm, Rich Colman, Jon Spinks/Sam Barker, Brendan/Pete Bridgeman, Dave Lazarus, Johnny Bispham, Paul Mathieson, Lee Gregson.

p) Event Support – Rachel Pitson, Neil Byrne, Steve Bispham

q) FIR Council – Richard Middleton

r) Non Exec – Stuart Foster

Whilst we do have these specific responsibilities, committee roles tend to overlap across a number of areas as one would expect.

Should also be noted that Keith, Duncan & Ray are the Directors listed at companies house for GB Racketlon Association CIC.

We have also started a fairly new initiative where Keith, Duncan, Ray, George, James & Dan speak monthly via Skype.

Anyone interested in joining the committee or with any comments/feedback please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



2. 2016 review – James (5 mins)

3. 2017 Tour latest – Jack (5 mins)

4. Finances – Keith (5 mins)

5. GB Racketlon Projects (20 mins)

a) Sport England latest – Duncan (5 mins)

b) Website (now getting more regular queries from potential new players). Any other feedback or improvements needed? – All (2 mins)

c) Scotland – Keith – (3 mins)

d) Taster concept (first timer category, 11-up, cheap entry, half day event, capacity permitting) – Keith (4 mins)

e) Ipro Sports Racketlon clothing store – Duncan (2 mins)

f) Regionalisation of the sport (this is linked with the point on membership) - (5 mins)

Use of county structure to start setting up regional community companies (EG is Nottingham Racketlon Association, Kent Racketlon Association, etc). I think this is a good way to start. So each region would effectively act as a local club rather than joining the national body direct. The local clubs then affiliate to the national body. 

6. Rankings survey update - Dan (5 mins)

7. Membership scheme election of sub committee (5 mins)

8. AOB