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Written by James Pope

November Rankings Published

Rankings have been updated to take account of the English Open.

No changes in Men's top 5, with Calum and Jermaine clear of Duncan at #3. Paul Wallace is up to #7 and Ray Jordan rejoins the top ten at #10. James Simpson joins the top 20 at #17 and may be a force to reckon with in the near future having won the English Open Mens B. Similarly no change in Women's top 5 with Isabelle and Barbara clear on Fiona at #3. Orsolya Szegner moves up to #7 on the back of a good performance at the English Open, and Rosemary Davies joins the top ten at #10. In the vets, Rakesh is deposed as #1 with Richard Middleton leaping over him with a ranking of 1271.3 compared to 1270.6 (equivalent of a photo finish in 100m), but Shawn Doney rejoins the rankings at #1 as a result of his extremely strong international pedigree. Rakesh and Richard are both entered in the forthcoming World Championships, so the end of the year #1 spot for vets is still up for grabs.

On the 2013 race front, Mens top 3 are Duncan, Ray and Keith. The top 3 women are Dianne, Fiona and Barbara and the top 3 vets are Steve Kneller, Jon Healey and Andrew Fletcher.

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