UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Ten things you need to know for a smooth 2013 English Open (ok eleven...)

1. 5 courts for each sport so 5 matches starting in each 15 minute cycle apart from centre court matches which are every 20 minutes. Centre court is specifically scheduled for elite matches, the other 4 courts are not specifically allocated and the rest of the matches go on the next available court. Give the court station official your match sheet for allocation and kick anyone off that is knocking up if you have a match and they are practicing. All matches are under one roof in the normal tournament building (not the JB arena).

2. Every match is 21-up. When it's over its over. Do not play tennis if you are 22 ahead after squash. There are plenty more matches to come. If you need 9 points in tennis to win (+13) before tennis, stop if you get to 9 as the match is mathematically over. There are no groups. Stop when the match is over. Every player gets at least 3 matches per category apart from the draws of 6 where some players only get 2 matches. Ladies Doubles is 2 matches each. Mens Doubles is 3 rounds but no 5th/6th or 7th/8th playoff - only 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th in the Friday Night Mens Doubles events. So if you lose your first mens doubles match you only have one more match. If you win, you have two more matches (in mens doubles). All singles events start on Saturday apart from U13's, U16's and Men's C which start on Sunday.

3. Every player gets one t shirt. This will be distributed on Saturday. A bottle of water is also part of the welcome pack.

4. Bring cash to the event . There is no cashpoint on site. We cannot accept card payment. Players where they haven't already need to pay as soon as they arrive at the tournament desk for any outstanding categories and doubles. The tournment desk is on the balcony over looking the tennis.

5. All draws are published on and a PDF schedule document is online from Monday 21st October. Check the schedule by: 

a) Looking at the draw and note the match number you are involved in. 

b) Cross check this to the schedule.


c) Download the resultreporter app for iPhone and android. Scores will be updated throughout the event and follow @keithracketlon on twitter for latest updates or also posted to the news page of

d) Try and follow the schedule yourself by cross checking the match you are in and the schedule.

You will also receive this by email. If you need a copy of this and haven't received it - contact us.

6. There will be a special book available at the event for players and spectators to offer their best wishes to the family of Richard Lawrence. Donations can be made to the charity lifeblood.

7. A magician - Leon Thomson will be on site on Saturday from midday and performing magic to players and spectators (cannot guarantee extra points unfortunately..)

8. A physio will be on site throughout the tournament and will be available for booking at very reasonable rates (same physio as used at the World Championships in Holland). 

9. The players party will be at bounce ping ping bar in chancery lane. 4 tables are booked between 10pm and midnight including the Olympic table. Meet at the sports centre at 9pm. Bring a change of clothes with you to the tournament. Transport will be via car with players driving into London or via tube. Racket bags can be left overnight at the centre in Dave Lazarus office. There is no official players dinner at the sports centre this year being replaced by the outing to bounce. Buy a refundable Oyster card from any train station from transport for London if you don't have one already (this is the cheapest way to travel around London).

To clarify this means get changed at the sports centre before we go out into town and pick up your rackets from Dave's office the next day.

10. When you arrive, sign in so we know you are here. Arrive at the desk 15 minutes before each match. If you are in two categories you may have to finish one match and play another match straightaway. In this scenario there will not be time for you to order and eat a big mean in between matches. Prepare well if you can and bring small snacks to keep you going. Matches cannot be delayed and it is imperative to keep matches going and not delay the schedule.

11. Keep to the 3+3 rule. This means knock up for a maximum of 3 minutes and take a maximum of 3 minutes to move in between sports. This means for tennis in particular you can't hit ground strokes for 4 minutes and then hit serves.

We would certainly encourage you to keep to this rule and really appreciate your co operation on this. 

It is not logistically possible in Racketlon to warm up as you would traditionally in a match in the individual sports. The tournament would finish at 3am.

(ok twelve things to know...)

12. Fill in the match sheet you have collected from the control desk as you finish each sport. Umpire your own games. Call the lines fairly. If you aren't sure, play a let. Finals of elite categories will have referees, otherwise score yourself. Hand your sheet filled in and initialed to the control desk. Enter your scores onto directly on the laptop designated to do so.

(we meant thirteen.....)

13. There may be a short queue before you start each sport, wait patiently and the matches will go on in order. If there is no queue then start straightaway. Direct any other queries to the tournament desk which will be on the balcony over looking the tennis courts as per usual.

Good luck!

The English Racketlon Team