UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Dear All


Please find below invitation.


I hope to see you at this year's tournament.


It is the last one at this venue (Redbridge Sports Centre - which we used since 2007) as we move our biggest international event to our new 2014 World Championship venue at Surrey Sports Park.


We already had confirmation from Calum Reid and Thorsten Deck.


The semi finals and finals will be streamed live on the internet.


Come to London and be part of the action as we need to show that we have big crowds of interested people, so your support is very much appreciated.


We are already up to over 50 entries and will as usual break the 100 entry barrier at the very least.


If you wish to play 2 lots of doubles (mens/ladies and mixed) let us know and we will see what we can do.




English Open Team




Redbridge Sports Centre

Forest Road
Essex IG6 3HD
Main Centre Tel: +44(0)20-8498-1000

General Info

This competition is part of the International World Tour and World Ranking points are available. The event is being organised by the English Racketlon Association. All standards are welcome.

Note that all players are required to pay the International Racketlon Federation license fee of 12 euros. This is a one off payment to cover international competition in the calendar year of 2013 and goes directly to the FIR (International Racketlon Federation). This is to promote racketlon worldwide and also to fund efforts to get the Sport recognised with the Olympic committee.


Note need 4 to run but in the case of not getting 4 entries a full refund will be provided or alternatives sought.

Junior boys & girls singles - U13*, U16*, U21*

Veteran Men Singles - O45, O50, O55, O60

Women Singles - A, B, O45

Men Singles - A, B, C*, D*

Doubles - Mixed A Doubles **, Mixed B Doubles **, Mens A Doubles **, Mens B Doubles **, Womens Doubles


Entry Steps

Step 1: Register on on the "players corner" (if you are already registered on the players corner miss this step). This is your username and password for all ResultReporter events (ones with world ranking points). Don't be put off though, just because there are world ranking points, all standards are welcome and thankfully we run lower banded categories so in the Ladies B or Mens B, C & D you avoid playing the top players in the world and still get a great day of competitive sport.

Step 2: On pay the International Racketlon License on this website via paypal (if you already have one miss this step). This covers international competition in 2013 and costs 12 Euros. This is a one off charge for all world ranking events in 2013. Or if you don't have paypal add £10 onto your entry fees and action through bank transfer or cheque as per below.

Step 3: On pay and enter the English Open in the desired singles category.

If you want to play doubles or a 2nd singles category, enter on ResultReporter. Note ResultReporter only processes an initial payment of £40 so the 2nd singles category and doubles is still owed.

Note that this is a pilot scheme for ResultReporter payment so be patient in this development.

Also possible to pay via bank transfer to Account: 10607673, Sort Code: 20-52-74 (English Racketlon).

A further option is to 4) "send money" on paypal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm receipt.

Singles Entry Fee - £40
2nd Singles - £25
Doubles - £15 per player
Junior Singles Entry Fee - £30 (pay £40 and get refunded £10)

NB Advance payment required for 1st Category Entry. Rest payable on day. Refunds to be processed as appropriate due to set £40 fee.

The entry includes the official English Open t-shirt and free entry to the English Open players party. The FIR License fee is in addition to this if a player does not already have this. Note doubles entry is £30 per pair and does not include a t-shirt. The players party is at Bounce Ping Pong Bar and a small contribution to the coach costs will be required.

A 2nd singles category is available at a discounted £25. A player entering 2 categories will only receive one t-shirt.

Category Advice

Enter half a category lower than you normally would in a domestic event. IE if you finish near the top of your category on the domestic circuit stay in the same for the English Open, if you finish near the bottom, move down one. This applies to the Mens Banded Singles. Additionally note the wildcard rule which can be found on the FIR rulebook, this applies primarily to Mens Class A entries which are restricted according to World Ranking and limited Wildcard entry.

Entry Limitations

Friday Doubles - men may enter EITHER Mens Doubles or Mixed Doubles - not both.
Ladies may enter Mixed Doubles, and may additionally enter Ladies Doubles which does not start until Saturday. However, ladies entering both Mixed Doubles and Ladies Doubles may only enter one singles category, whether that be an open category or a veterans category.

2 singles categories are allowed per player.


Friday Night - Doubles Events - Rounds 1 & 2. 6:30pm start.

Saturday - Singles Events 9am start, *Later starts can be requested.

Saturday Night - Players Party

Sunday - 9am to 4pm - Semi Finals and Finals, Consolation Matches.

English Open Prize Money

Men 650 Euros

1st - 300, 2nd - 200, 3rd - 100, 4th - 50.

Women 350 Euros

1st - 200, 2nd - 100, 3rd - 50