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Written by James Pope

September Rankings Published

Rankings have been updated to take account of South London and British Opens.

Only minor changes in men's rankings - Stuart Hobden and Tom Whitehouse swap places and Andrew Hopwood reappears in the top ten having played the British Open. No change in the top 10 of the women's rankings.

The top 3 vets remain the same, but there are some other changes in the top ten to reflect 2013 British Open results and that the English 2010 Open results are now dropped from the rankings. Vets rankings are more subject to change as a result of more 45+ events being included in regional tournaments and a change in the ranking criteria to include people who have only played one event.

On the 2013 race front, Duncan remains clear in men's race at #1, but Keith jumps up a few places to #2. In the vet's race Jonathan Healey stays at #1, but Steve Kneller closes the gap in #2 place. In the women's race, Dianne Baker remains #1, with Fiona Sime still #2 and Barbara Capper jumps over Dominique Ford to the #3 spot.

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