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Written by James Pope

August Rankings Published

Rankings have been updated to take account of Cambridge, Cheshire and Sussex Opens.

Only minor changes in men's rankings - Duncan Stahl cements his position at #3 behind Calum Reid and Jermaine Manners with a good win at Sussex. Jeremy Krystyniak jumps from #9 to #5 as a result of recent good results and playing more than 8 tournaments which means ranking is based on your best 8 over the last 24 months. No change in the top 5 of the women's rankings.

No change in the top 5 of Vets rankings, but lots of new entries as a result of more 45+ events being included in regional tournaments and a change in the ranking criteria to include people who have only played one event.

On the 2013 race front, Duncan and Ray remain at #1 and #2 with Duncan extending his lead, Stuart is at #3, and James Watkins jumps to #4 as a reward for playing regularly. In the vet's race Jonathan Healey goes from #4 to #1 displacing Steve Kneller. In the women's race, Dianne Baker extends her lead, with Fiona Sime now in #2 spot

An ERA decision has been made by the Executive Board that tournaments will be classified according to their strength as per the published ranking list

1) Sussex Open Men's Class A had several ranked Class A players in it so was classified as a Class A event

2) Cambridge Open Men's top category had no Class A ranked players in it so was classified as a Class B event

We trust this is clear and makes sense and any questions about this or any other points/ranking issues should be sent to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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