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Written by James Pope
Monday, June 3, 2013 - 09:41 - King Of Rackets 2013 - Review (Courtesy Of FIR Website
Kasper Jonsson new King of Rackets

Kasper Jonsson wins his first World Tour event with impressing close victories over Adamsson (+1), Ratzer (+2) and Reid (+3) in the final of 22ndKing of Rackets in Oudenaarde (31 May - 2 June). Top seeded Nathalie Zeoli has no problems to become the queen of rackets at the 2nd Super World Tour event of the year. Jesper Ratzer takes both titles in mixed with Nathalie Zeoli and in men doubles with Kasper Jonsson over surprise finalists Weigl/Reid. In women doubles Nathalie took her third title of the weekend with the second Natalie, this time called Paul. Senior victories went to Adolphe Fernandez-Diez (+45) and Antonio Zeoli (+55). Finally in Seniors (+45) germans Oliver Zwiers and Volker Sach were unbeatable. All results of all draws and on tournament software.

Top seeded men without elite medals

With 17 players out of the top twenty in the 32-player men elite draw the results proved that the number of players on a very high level has increased in Racketlon. Of the four top seeded players only Jesper Ratzer made it to the semis, where the world number one lost to his best friend Kasper Jonsson by only two points. On round earlier Jonsson had won the revenge of the world championship final with Kasper Jonsson by one single point. The two Austrian seedsDickert and Krenn lost to Calum Reid in the quarters and Alex Köpf in the second round, with Krenn losing his first ever single match in Racketlon going into Tennis with a lead. In the end it was the Jonsson (7) and Reid (6) in the final, which in the end went to the Dane after 2:2 in sets because of his Badminton skills (21:7) by only three points. Third place went to Thorsten Deck (5), which makes King of Rackets the first tournament on the FIR World Tour ever, where none of the top four seeded took a medal.


Top seeded women in elite final

It was another picture in the women elite 16-player draw, where the top two at least reached the final. Number four de Bleeckere lost in the first round to Natalie Paul, who fell in the quarters against Christine Seehofer. Number three Nicole Eisler was chanceless against Lilian Druve in the second round. In the semis the Swedish legend could at least take Zeoli to Tennis, but at 6 all the match was decided. Youngster Christine Seehofer showed a great performance and lost only by 5 points to number two Isabelle Tyrrell. The English lady as usual won all her Squash and Tennis sets up to the final, where Zeoli took an impressing secure win in all the first three sports to take her next World Tour title and stay unbeaten on the FIR World Tour 2013.



Notable Other British Performances - Jermaine Manners Men A, Krenn Won By 1 Point......Stahl/Capper - 4th In Mixed Beating A Top German Pair In Quarter Finals. Ed Harvey Reaching The Last 16 Of The Mens B. Granville & Jordan Not Quite Reaching Their Potential. Capper     Narrowly Losing To Eisler. Well Done To Calum & Isabelle Of Course. Richard Lawrence Soldiering On. Phil Todd, Entertaining As Ever And A Special Mention To Hirona Sudo And B Champ Loic Cencig. Lesser Beats Zwiers In B Singles (All Time Best Career Racketlon Win And     Finishes 6th In Mens B).

Zeoli and Ratzer with two doubles titles

In men doubles unseeded Calum Reid and Marcel Weigl made it to the final 6 years after their last victory in Belgium together after tough victories over Köpf/Manners and the number two of the tournament Krenn/Dickert. In the final thetopseeded Danes Jonsson/Ratzer were too strong and took the first three sets. Bronze went to Zeoli/Deck from Germany. Thorsten Deck also made it to the mixed final (after a win over Seehofer/Krenn in the semis) with his girlfriend Lieselot De Bleeckere, but again Ratzer this time with Nathalie Zeoli proved too strong. Nathalie and Natalie Paul then took yet another victory in women doubles with a safe triumph over Druve/Van den Herrewegen in the women doubles final and like in mixed Austria took bronze.


Keith Lesser with first title ever

The Belgian homecourt players and the Germans dominated the other draws. Julius Benthin (u16) and Antonio Zeoli(+55) both from Germany took the titles in the youngest and in the oldest class, while world champion AdolpheFernandez-Diez (+45), Isabelle Lefervre (Women B), Yannick De Broe (Men C) and Ludovic Lecomte (Men D) took gold for Belgium. The best recognition for his never ending work for English and international Racketlon was given to Keith Lesser, who won his first ever international Racketlon title in the amateur doubles with the assistance of his partner David Ridout. In the men beginners draw Rodolfo Torrea Duran wrote history winning the first ever Racketlon medal for Mexico, with silver.


Jan Vercammen in FIR Hall of Fame

Once again the Super World Tour event in Belgium proved that it is one of the best tournaments on the FIR World Tour with perfect shuttle service organisation, a lot of helpers, referees most of the time and a friendly and welcome atmosphere for all players and spectators. Even the not perfect weather (but at least no rain) was no problem, with the great barbecue at the player’s dinner and the following party directly at the club animated by FIR council member Phil Todd. “We are not always exactly the same opinion, but we had a very inspiring meeting with Tournament Director Hilde van den Onderbergen and Sportscentre owner Jan Vercammen about the future of King of Rackets and we will evaluate all Belgian suggestions”, said Marcel Weigl. The FIR Executive-President Marcel Weigl then surprised Jan at the prize giving ceremony in doubles on Saturday night with a gift and the announcement to the FIR hall of fame as first non-swede for his support of international Racketlon.


SWT 22nd King of Rackets 2013

Men A – Elite
1. Kasper Jonsson, Den
2. Calum Reid, Sco
3. Thorsten Deck, Ger

Women A – Elite
1. Nathalie ZeoliGer
2. Isabelle Tyrrell, Eng
3. Christine Seehofer, Aut

Men A – Elite Doubles
1. Kasper Jonsson/Jesper Ratzer, Den
2. Marcel Weigl/Calum Reid, Aut/Sco
3. Markus Zeoli/Thorsten Deck, Ger

Mixed Doubles
1. Nathalie Zeoli/Jesper Ratzer, Ger/Den
2. Lieselot De Bleeckere/Thorsten Deck, Bel/Ger
3. Christine Seehofer/Christoph Krenn, Aut

Women Doubles
1. Natalie Paul/Nathalie Zeoli, Ger
2. Lilian Druve/Inge van den Herrewegen, Swe/Bel
3. Bettina Bugl/Christine Seehofer, Aut

Juniors u16
1. Julius Benthin, Ger
2. Senne Blommaert, Bel
3. Ferenz Friedel, Ger

Seniors 45+
1. Adolphe Fernandez-Diez, Bel
2. Volker Sach, Ger
3. Fleming Brerup, Den

Seniors 55+
1. Antonio Zeoli, Ger
2. Graham King, Sui
3. Hans van der Landen, Ned

Women B – Amateur
1. Isabelle Lefervre, Bel
2. Nathalie Monnier, Bel
3. Jolien Naessens, Bel

Men B – Advanced
1. Loic Cencig, Fra
2. Arturs Zaicevs, Lat
3. Oliver Grau, Ger

Men C – Amateur
1. Yannick De Broe, Bel
2. Markus Klement, Ger
3. Bastian Holzhäuser, Ger

Men D – Beginners
1. Ludovic Lecomte, Bel
2. Rodolfo Torrea Duran, Mex
3. Tom Penninckx, Bel

Men B – Amateur Doubles
1. David Ridout/Keith Lesser, Eng
2. Roberts Gulan/Uldis Dzirkalis, Lat
3. Kristaps Sarma/Aturs Zaicevs, Lat

Seniors 45+ Doubles
1. Volker Sach/Oliver Zwiers, Ger
2. Frank Kleiber/Thomas Knaack, Ger
3. Manfred Grab/Antonio Zeoli, Ger