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Written by James Pope

June Rankings Published

I've updated the rankings for June, making some amendments to the way that points are allocated for events. The rankings take account of both national and international events, but the scoring mechanisms meant that players were getting inconsistent points depending on which type of event they had entered. So I used Duncan Stahl and Richard Middleton as anchor points (as they have played the most of these combination of tournaments, and Richard has played both mens and vets).

Mens A class ranges from 1080 to 1416 (a range of 336 points). In order for Duncan's international points to be similar to his national points, international A is rated at 50% of a class above national A - ie add an additional 168 points (half of 336). The World Champs Class A are rated at 75% above National Class A. Using this mechanism Richard Middleton's international vet points are also similar to his national vet points. There is also an adjustment so that Richard's national vet points are similar to his national men's points (and also checked for other vets), so that it is possible to seed someone making their vet's debut if they have played any men's tournaments previously.



Additionally I have amended the ranking period for vets and for women because there are fewer of these events, so extending the eligibility period to 3 years and having to have played in the last year means that more events count towards the average which makes the rankings more consistent and reliable. I've also changed the eligibility criteria for being ranked for Vets so that you are ranked as soon as you have entered one event, but left it at 2 events for women. This makes Rakesh Gupta the new vets number 1, men's and women's number 1 remain as Calum Reid and Isabelle Tyrell.

As a check on fairness, I've looked at my own ranking and it's gone down as a result of the changes that I have made, which is slightly annoying but therefore hopefully not biased.

As I have all the data from Jan 2010 onwards, I thought it would be interesting to see an ranking based on players average across ALL events since Jan 2010, putting men and vets together (haven't done it for women yet). See if you can predict the top ten before clicking the link.

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