UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope


Congratulations on selection for the various England Racketlon Teams to the following players – we’ve now spoken to each of you individually, so confirmed teams for this year’s World Team Championships in Holland, 11th-14th July are:

Open Team : Duncan Stahl, Jason Granville, Jeremy Krzystyniak, Ray Jordan, Isabelle Tyrrell

Over 45’s : Richard Middleton, Steve Kneller, Rakesh Gupta, Marc Thornley, Barbara Capper

Over 55’s : Richard Whitehouse, Anthony Phillips, Bob Parker, Nigel D’Arcy

Under 21’s : Josh Kashdan Brown, Alex Oliver, Alistair Prades, Lucy Burks

This is an exceptional squad of players and the best ever overall squad England has ever sent. With the addition of the Over 55's squad, England has a great chance of getting at least 3 medals. The Open Team is filled with international experience and quality, we are confident this squad can do some damage. Come on England! We also look to the future with a phenomenally talented junior squad, where Alistair Prades gets his chance to impress following a strong improvement and committment to the UK Tour. Josh, Alex and Lucy continue to add to their England representation with Oliver achieving a world record in England junior caps. The O55's squad has a supreme blend of skill and determination and should impress. This includes World Champion Richard Whitehouse who at the age of 60 shows no signs of slowing down and we all want a drop of what goes in his coffee, that's for sure. Barbara Capper (who reached the final of the Over 45's World Championships in Stockholm) adds even more class to a strong Over 45's squad. Richard Middleton and Marc Thornley also make their debuts at this level. Ray Jordan returns to the international fold after injury and we do hope he manages to get on the plane this time (reference to Milan 2011). Good luck to this tremendous squad and we look forward to a record medal haul (no pressure).

Event Venue

The 2012 Open Squad (left to right: Rachel Branaghan, Jeremy, Duncan, Jason, Izzy and Dave Thomas).



We’re also looking to run 3 consecutive Sundays of England Team training : June 23rd, 30th and 7th July, all at the excellent facilities at Redbridge and potentially another venue. Likely to be between 2pm - 8pm on each day. Not obligatory and obviously easier for some people to get to than others – I imagine some people will be able to do 1 or 2 of them but not all, whereas some more local might be able to do all 3, but the more of us there, the better it’ll be.

I imagine it will be very useful to work out some good doubles pairings, which are important for the Open and Vets Teams + can also set up some practice matches and drills etc...

Accommodation and ways we might be able to co-ordinate travel plans over there – sharing cars or even a team minibus and a ferry to follow...Supporters welcome, Holland is not far and anyone interested in supporters packages for a weekend away in Holland (there is also the World Doubles Championships happening at the same event) should email us via the contact page on this website.


Duncan Stahl

England Captain,

Keith Lesser

England selection steering committee