UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Emergency General Meeting - English Racketlon Association

On 24/4/2013, an Emergency General Meeting was held.

2 Directors of the Association plus 3 captains of County Teams were present (including the 2 captains that qualified for the main Champions League draw).

It was decided by the English Racketlon Association that due to the rules issued by the FIR (Federation Internationale de Racketlon) that the Champions League qualification tournament that took place on April 6th 2013 will be null and void and that instead the sanctions of the tournament is that it was merely a County Championship to determine the County regional racketlon champions within the UK.



Duncan Stahl, Ray Jordan & Keith Lesser have asserted that the rules have become too muddled between the international rules and what a club under international rules truly is. Therefore until further notice England will not be holding any Champions League qualification tournaments. ERA will not be penalised for holding qualification events which represent a set of rules and constrain team selection when not holding a competition means a country can pick whoever they wish. An ERA spokesman is quoted as to saying "until the FIR incentivise Champions League qualification tournaments, we will not be holding any"...."the current rules in fact encourage countries not to host any qualification events".