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Written by James Pope

Racketlon - Centre Parcs

Proposal as PDF

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After many years of discussion we believe we have found an
excellent venue and opportunity to launch this concept.
*Note this has now been booked, see above schedule (pdf link).
Headlines are:
1. Excellent venue.
2. Top quality coaching.
3. Good location.
4. Minimal or no time off work.

5. Reasonable cost.

6. Fantastic range of activities.
7. Bring family and friends for the ideal sporting weekend.
8. End of September proposed date.
Best wishes (let us know via contact page if of interest).
English Racketlon

Elveden Forest Center Parcs, Suffolk


Elveden Forest combines the pleasures of a delightful rural Suffolk setting with alfresco lifestyle of the Mediterranean.












Centre Parcs 2013 Booked - 27th September 2013


English Racketlon have put a deposit down on centre parcs, booked a number of courts and issued an itinery.


We have booked two 4 bedroom apartments (which take 8 people each plus have sofas). These are both bang in the middle of the complex right by the tennis courts and racket sports areas. We can add rooms if we get more numbers, this is no problem at all. The apartments are opposite each other.


Because we are a large group we also get a sports co-ordinator free of charge who we have booked all of the courts with.


Cost will be approximately £185 pp which will include accommodation and all sport, this is to be confirmed. Once cost is firmed up we will ask for payment in full.


The booking is for 3 nights - Friday to Monday. We have access to the accommodation from 3pm on Friday although can arrive earlier if we wish. Can stay until Friday or Monday as people wish.


Confirmed so far (although plenty of others interested).


Keith Lesser

Oliver Oxland

Dave Lazarus

Elise Lazarus

Fabien Mauroy

Dave Ridout + 1

Ollie Close + 1

Rachel Lawrence

Richard Lawrence

Alex Du Noyer

Ed Harvey + 1

Rob Sampson

Edward Walton

Anthony Barbier

Naomi Bowman

+ Dave L has a few from Redbridge...


Elveden Forest
IP27 0YZ