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2014 World Championships



Obviously, we want as many people as possible to be a player at the 2014 Racketlon World Championships, which are now 33 days away with categories for all, so please enter now, with all the information you may...

Written by James Pope

Crowdfunding - Backing the Championships





Obviously, the best way to back the World Championships, which are now less than 6 weeks away, is to enter them, with all the information you may require here. So please ENTER NOW!


However, we are also organising a Crowdfunding...

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Enter the World Champs by 14th July to Avoid Missing Out




We need our UK players to enter the 14th Racketlon World Championships in the next 2 week window – before 14th July.




It’s absolutely vital that we can process the majority of our UK entries with more than a...

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July 2014 Rankings Published

Rankings have been updated to take account of the North of England Open and the Surrey Open, and various international tournaments.

Minimal changes in Men's, Women's and Vet's rankings in July. The top 5 men remain the same, but George Stafford joins the top 10 for...

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Stahl was Bourne for it at Surrey Open

Surrey Open at The Bourne Club, Sunday 15th June

The UK Tour touched down at a brand new Racketlon venue this week, the Bourne Club in Farnham, where the 4th Surrey Open was played. There were full draws of 8 players across all Men’s categories A-C as well...

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Ratzer & Zeoli Crowned Racketlon Royalty, but Britain Stood Proud!

14 Brits went over to the King of Rackets tournament at the start of this month, and our overseas tournament reporter and racketlon king commentator, Dave Ridout filed this report! No less than 14 GB-based players made...
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Enter the World Champs NOW

A great deal of hard work has gone into this tournament. It's only 2 months away.

We need your support.

We need more entries from English players.

We know that around 200-250 of you plan to play (from the UK alone). A further 300 or so are expected from abroad.


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Crowdfunding is an alternative means of funding that allows individuals to take their ideas forward and make them a reality with the power of the crowd.

We've added our racketlon project and rewards (see attachment) with an amazing new Racketlon video.

The key thing to understand (if crowdfunding...

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From Controlling the Desk, to Controlling the Peloton #CycleforRichard

While many of the UK Racketlon community head off to the King of Rackets tournament this weekend, Rachel Lawrence will be facing her own challenge, 100 km of open road, through London, at night.  The 2014 London Nightrider is a...

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Stafford Wins the North of England


Everyone in the North knows some crucial facts:

1)      Southerners are soft

2)      Gravy is a requirement with most meals

3)      Manchester is wet, it is always at least drizzling

So, for the third year running, the Northern Club in Manchester hosted...