UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Extraordinary General Meeting - 27th September 2014


An EGM for the English Racketlon Association was held at the Richard Lawrence Open on the 27th September 2014 The EGM was focussed on updating the membership on primarily a number of developments from with the FIR which for the most part focus on ways to develop Racketlon internationally.  However a key element coming out of the EGM is that on the back of the very successful 2014 World Championships, it is time for us to really grow the sport in the UK.  The feeling at the meeting was the need to develop entries into tournaments and to ensure that people return after their first tournament.  Alongside this was a drive to develop training days and localised Racketlon communities.
These developments are all achievable, however they require the input of the Racketlon community, so if you feel you can offer something to this process or wish to get involved, then please let us know and we will gladly involve you.  The ERA has taken on a number of new willing volunteers this year and the more people we have on board the better we can make our sport.  The minutes of the meeting can be found here.
Additionally, there will also be a debate at the Hertfordshire Open on the 2nd November about developments to the Ranking System.  Richard Boreham, our Rankings Officer has developed a new system which will be suggested as the new method for the rankings from 2015!  A news article will outline the change prior to the meeting and all comments and opinions will be welcomed!