UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

October 2014 Rankings Published

Apologies for the long delay after the World Champs. Rankings have now been updated to take account of the World Champs, South Eastern (Limpsfield) Open and the first Richard Lawrence Open.

Changes since July. The top 4 men remain the same: Calum Reid, Jermaine Manners, Duncan Stahl and Ray Jordan. Mark Green jumps to #5 as a result of a dropping a weaker result. Luke Barnes makes the top ten, and James Simpson is up to #11. Isabelle and Barbara still top the womens' rankings, but Hannah Boden is up to #3, Fiona Sime drops to #4 and Orsolya Szegner remains at #5. David Lazarus rejoins as the new Vets #1 as a result of a good World Champs and winning it previously, Shawn Doney and Richard Middleton both move down one place to #2 and #3 and Rakesh Gupta in #4 moves above Steve Kneller.

We are currently reviewing the rankings system, in the light of the move to Tournament Software and more data being available. The average rating per tournament works well when people are playing lots of tournaments and the tournaments are all of a similar standard, but is less reliable when people play fewer tournaments, or a bad draw in a tournament can easily bring your average down. We are considering moving to a different system where ratings are calculated on the basis of who you play rather than finishing positions in tournaments, and will present recommendations for discussion at the EGM at the Herts Open in November.

Alex Du Noyer is still marginally ahead of Luke Barnes in the mens' race although Luke has closed the gap in the last couple of tournaments. Ed Harvey is probably too far behind to catch them, so it's a straight race to the finish. Gary Lane heads the vets' race from Ed Harvey and Mike Stewart, although all of the top 5 have only played two tournaments, so if someone plays another they will pull ahead. The women's race is headed by Katie Barclay from Hannah Boden, and one of those two looks certain to win the year end race.

Richard Boreham