UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

World Championships Day 4: And Now the End Is Here


And so we face the final curtain, the 2014 Racketlon World Championships are over.  Well not quite over, the match reports are online detailing the brilliant victories for Jesper Ratzer and Zuzana Kubanova our elite world champions, but they were not alone in winning at the 2014 World Championships.



Dave Lazarus won an all England final, defeating Neil Rayner to take the Over 50s Men’s world title, with Lillian Druve winning the battle of the siblings, seeing off sister Anneli in the Over 50’s category, Rosemary Davies taking third place for England.  Lorna See took the Women’s Over 55s title, joined on the podium by Maria Schneider from Austria in second and fellow Englishwoman Alice Shimmin.  Vladimir Koloskov took the Men’s Over 60s title joined on the podium by Richard Whitehouse and Graham Cain.

Barrie Keeley took the Men’s E title for the Racketlon first timers winning another All England final over Paul Lindsay with Belgium’s Brees Wouter third.  The Men’s D was won by Frank Baum from Pieter Geerts and Christian De Moortel.  Meanwhile the Men’s C was won by Christian Schaefer, James Silvester of England took 2nd with Erik Pettersson finishing third.  The Men’s B champion was Jakob Arfelt winning an all Norwegian final against Mikel Hansen, Greg Lorkiewicz from Poland in third.  The Women’s B was won by Laurence Andreoletti from France ahead of Norway’s Sidse Trier and Line Norregaard.

Congratulations to all the winners.  It is from the perspective of this author unbelievable that the 2014 World Championships are now behind us.  It has been an amazing experience, both helping to put on the event and also to experience the event.  I hope everyone who entered had a great time at what was for myself the biggest and best tournament I have entered with the best facilities, thanks to the Surrey Sports Park.  A vast range of photos are available are on the FIR Racketlon Page on Facebook and if the 2014 Racketlon World Championships have introduced you to the sport, then please remember that information is always available from, following @keithracketlon on Twitter and through the FIR and English Racketlon Facebook pages.  I hope to see you all at another UK or FIR World Tournament again soon!