UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

From Controlling the Desk, to Controlling the Peloton #CycleforRichard

While many of the UK Racketlon community head off to the King of Rackets tournament this weekend, Rachel Lawrence will be facing her own challenge, 100 km of open road, through London, at night.  The 2014 London Nightrider is a charity event, taking place on the night of the 7th June, and Rachel is raising money for Lifeblood, in memory of her dad, Richard. #CycleforRichard



If Rachel is not known to you, then Richard certainly was.  Richard Lawrence represented the very core of Racketlon in the UK, Over 55's World Team Gold Medal winner, website administrator, producing tournament draws, manning control desks, but most importantly being the most incredibly warm and genuine friendly face at every event he was at.  Richard suddenly passed away in October 2013, after developing a blood clot.  The charity, Rachel and her Peloton are raising money for, Lifeblood, aim to raise the awareness of the danger of clots and the symptoms of this thrombosis in medical professionals.

I’m sure I speak for many of the Racketlon community when I say that the loss of Richard’s presence from the UK Tour is felt at every event.  Such was his strength of character and importance to developing Racketlon in the UK, he was posthumously inducted into the Racketlon Hall of Fame in November 2013.

Rachel feels that riding 100 km through London on a Saturday night is a fitting Challenge to raise money in honour of her father.  If you wish to donate to Rachel’s fund, then please click here and I’m sure that any good luck messages you post on the UK Racketlon facebook group will be worth an extra kilometre or two to Rachel.

Go get em Rachel!