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Written by James Pope

New Entry Process - 2014

With the recent changes to Racketlon entry for both FIR World Tour and British Tour events in 2014, both moving to Tournament Software, it was suggested that some pointers from a technical expert were noted to help people through this change. Keen racketloner, tweeter and editor of the Great Britain Racketlon Newsletter - James Pope talks us through it.

Tournament Software?

The FIR announced at its 2013 AGM that is switching from Results Reporter to a new software to manage the entry to all World Tour events for 2014 onwards.  The chosen software is called Tournament Software.  It is now the only way to enter FIR World Tour events.  Following on the British Tour events are now also only enterable via Tournament Software.



Great, so one site, one registration?

Sadly no, the FIR has its own special Tournament Software site, so you will need two separate registrations to play British Tour and World Tour events.  British based FIR events (Welsh Open, World Championships etc) will require a membership of the FIR site.

This is a lot of hassle, is it worth it?

Yes.  In essence, there has always been two different entry systems for players playing British and World Tour events, by utilising Tournament Software, the method for signing up to a tournament is the same for both Tours.

OK, I’m convinced, What now?

Well, you need to register with both sites.

For the British Tour:

For the World Tour:

My suggestion would be to start with the British Tour site.  Click on the link and once the site loads, click on “Sign Up” and fill in all the fields.  A member ID is required which can just be your full name as no specific member ID's exist. The website requires a unique username to be created and all the fields must be filled.  Some notes on this:

1)      Your password must 8 characters long

2)      Change the nation from USA (if applicable) to your choice.  Brits can select to be from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Great Britain.

Once you have registered for the British Tour version of Tournament Software, repeat these steps for the World Tour.  This one is a tad more complicated but stay with me.

Click on sign up (your must click AGREE to proceed) and enter only your first name, last name, nationality and date of birth, DO NOT FILL IN ANY OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION.  For existing players the system should now offer up your old Results Reporter profile, if it is correct Press OK.  Now for both new and existing players select yourself a username and password.  The usernames for FIR TS and TS need to be different. You also need to pay online the 12 euro FIR License fee.  Otherwise the various profile details are the same between both systems.

Username examples

FIR TS - keithracketlon

TS - keithracketlonuk

Ok, so now I have done all this can I enter Tournaments?

Indeed, once you are logged into the corrected version of Tournament Software, either click on the tournament via the Events tab or from the home screen of the FIR Tournament Software site.  Select “Enter Online” and follow the steps through the tournament registration selecting the events you wish to enter.

Now you have the memberships you will have a hassle free registration onwards for many Racketlon Seasons to come!