UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope
We now have 4 entries in mens doubles and mixed doubles. We have 16 players in total entered and paid.
Due to a low entry, we cannot justify the time or court costs of running the two events at separate times as originally anticipated. Therefore the Mixed Doubles round ones will be at 12pm and 1215pm. The Mens Doubles round ones will start at 1230 and 1245.
This is 2 hours later than advertised on Mixed Doubles and 30 minutes earlier than advertised on mens doubles.
We have one tennis court for table tennis and badminton. We have one squash court and one tennis court. Note the tournament will involve two matches (a semi final and a final and 3rd/4th).
Mens Doubles
Stahl/Mauroy (1) v D'Arcy/Pope
Sutlieff/Jackson v Lesser/Phillips (2)
Mixed Doubles
Kneller/Thompson (1) v Leach/Leach
Gibbons/Spindler v McMillan/Bowman (2)

We anticipate the event to finish between 1500 and 1530.



Stahl/Mauroy and Kneller/Thompson start as favourites but there is likely to be an upset or two!