UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

British Championships 2012 - Info/Draw/Schedule Published

The player information, draws for each category, and the overall schedule, are all now available in a single PDF document, available to download at:

Info/Draw/Schedule (PDF)

All entrants are requested to read this sheet and the event webpage to acquaint themselves with event timing, category timing and latest arrival times, and venue details. Please note that this is a provisional draw and changes may be made, even on the morning of the event, due to the occasional withdrawal and no-show. Players apparently receiving first round byes in this provisional draw may end up playing in the first round, and are requested to arrive in time for the start of their category at the very latest. All players are encouraged to turn up for the briefing at 10:45 regardless of their category start time, especially if new to the sport.

All entrants will be emailed shortly to notify them of the availability of the document for download.

Due to awkward entry numbers (10, a scheduler's nightmare) in Mens Singles B (MSB), a little explanation of its format might be useful:

a) A first round in sheet MSB will see the two seeds with byes, and the other 8 players playing four matches.
b) The four winners of those matches proceed to sheet MSB1 along with the two seeds, where they play a standard 6-player format of RR33.
c) The four losers of those matches proceed to MSB2, where they play a standard 4-player format of RR4.
d) The finishing positions of MSB1 and MSB2 feed back into sheet MSB (top 6 and bottom 4 respectively) to provide the finishing order for MSB.

Due to insufficient entries, the junior categories have had to be pooled into a unified Open Singles Under 16 (OS16) category. We trust all entrants will understand.

Technical Note: The PDF document should be accessible to all via the public domain Acrobat Reader software. Naturally, in order to view the fine detail, you will probably need to zoom in and pan around the pages.

For queries relating to the event itself, please contact the Tournament Organiser:

Dominique Ford - ERA Events Committee
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 07855-892092

If you have any queries relating to the visibility or content of the PDF document , please contact:

Richard Lawrence - ERA Events Committee
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 07759-945207