UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Cambridgeshire Open 2012

 The Cambs Open was again very well attended including many Racketlon virgins.

Mens A was taken by the very late entry of Tom Whitehouse, who only got in due to Jagdev Sagoo withdrawing through injury.

The Mens B final was closely contested between Pierrick Limeul and Alex Du Noyer, Pierrick coming through to win.

In the C final Douglas McMillan and Simon Marshall battled it out with Douglas ending the victor.

The Ladies had a fantastic entry of 12, and was closely fought with the majority having never played before. The final was as close as you can get being decided on a gummi arm. Which resulted in Dorisz Dobos taking 1st place.


It was a great competition and most first timers thoroughly enjoyed themselves and promising to return and have another go. All good for this great sport.