UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

World Champion Lazarus puts on Xmas Racketlon Show

42 players, 5 matches per player, 11 points, 4 sports, what a speech........Dave explains racketlon in a nutshell "so if I played you and you won the badminton and I won the tennis and you won the squash I need 4 points in table tennis, handshake, job done, know what I'm saying........". A low factor ranking point allocation will be awarded to this event.

Jokes aside it was a great event enjoyed by all. The crowning glory for Redbridge is also the news that a new badminton hall is open with 12 brand new courts and a purpose built table tennis centre which Local SuperClub Mossford have moved into meaning squash now has the lowest number of courts with 7. Table tennis capacity is now around 20 tables, 17 badminton, 7 squash and 13 tennis (including outdoors) so this is now some venue.

Keith Lesser beat Phil Todd in the final of the 32 player Class A category in a strong final - 11-2, 11-5, 5-11, 11-13 +7. Phil is a very solid player, with particularly strong squash.

Class B was won by Ian Sawtell and runner up was Steph Stylianou. Our own Dominique Ford also managed a decent 4th place.


Full results below.

Robbie Wong could not repeat last year's victory and gained a credible 3rd place. Nigel D'Arcy upset the seedings by knocking out not only 8th seed Andrew Yates but also 2nd seed Oliver Oxland. Oliver recovered for a 5th place finish with excellent victories over squash specialists Chris Hobbs and Martin Szwaba. Darren Vickery looked like he was suffering from too much Xmas cheer.

John Dennison in his debut achieved an excellent 4 wins (only losing to Todd) and finishing 9th is no mean feat as the highest finish for a new rackathlete. If John improves squash slightly, he is dangerous and we also look forward to Topspin TT co partner and racketlon sponsor Tom Cutler making a similar appearance...!

Elise Lazarus continues her improvement and somehow..! managed to beat Stephen Lesser to finish 25th, even winning at table tennis, but not at badminton...Mike Hoare also performed well, losing only to Robbie Wong and the match for 17th place to Neil Spencer.

Steve Dow (12th) had Keith Lesser on the rocks in round 2. After a 11-7 victory in badminton and an 11-6 win in tennis, squash and table tennis remained and Steve had a 9 point lead. Table tennis reversed the fortunes with an 11-3 win for Keith, leaving a winner takes all outcome for squash, which Keith took 11-4.

Very enjoyable event, well done to all.

Keith Lesser 1st
Phil Todd 2nd
Robbie Wong 3rd
Nigel D'Arcy 4th
Oliver Oxland 5th
Chris Hobbs 6th
Martin Szwaba 7th
Darren Vickery 8th
John Dennison 9th
Perry Fung 10th
Andrew Yates 11th
Steve Dow 12th
Anil Sharma 13th
Russell Fairman 14th
Paul Goodhew 15th
Charlie Conlan 16th
Neil Spencer 17th
Mike Hoare 18th
Melvyn Lee 19th
Roman Szwaba 20th
Fraser Linning 21st
Rhys Mead 22nd
Preshan Clare 23rd
Peter Caton 24th
Elise Lazarus 25th
Stephen Lesser 26th
George Goodhew 27th
Brad Smith 28th
Shuse Zhang 29th
Neil Palmer 30th
Mick Weston 31st
Jamal Dennison 32nd