UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

UK dominate World Championships !

We knew he was good, but did we know he was the best in the world ?.

After beating the best domestic players in the British Champs and the English Open Calum Reid went off optimistic about his chances. En route to the final he knocked out the number 2 seed Joey Schubert and number 3 seed Stefan Adamsson (tournament favourite).  In the final he faced the Danish badminton supremo Jesper Ratzer. After a good start it looked like Calum's chances were over after a 21-1 defeat in baminton (at the start of the tournament Jesper had nearly beaten the top badminton player in Austria in an exhibition match). Solid squash meant it was still an uphill task in the tennis.  Midway through the tennis it looked all over but then Calum surged to victory by winning nearly 10 points on the trot.  A 21-9 win gave him a 4 point margin and the world title.

Not to be outdone Dave Lazarus is also now a world champion.  After a tight +4 win in the early rounds he dominated the Veterans event and beat the number 1 seed in the final without needing to play the tennis.  Rakesh Gupta and Shawn Doney also competed well with Rakesh losing to the number 1 seed and Shawn losing to Dave.

In the mens B Duncan Stahl lost in the semi finals to the player that won the event.  Chris Mckee lost in an earlier round to the player that then beat Duncan to the bronze medal.

Josh Kashdan-Brown competed in the under 21s where he won 2 of his 3 matches.  In the under 16s he went even better and returned with a bronze medal. In the semi final he lost by 5 points to the gold medal winner.  He could have won as the tennis was close at 17-20 down (Josh needed to win).

The key question is could a fit and able to play Isabelle Tyrrell meant that the UK could have won a clean sweep ? we truly can say that UK racketlon is the best in the world.


It goes to show that you don't need to be "good" at all 4 sports in racketlon - how many of would lose 21-1 and get disheartened ? Calum proves you can turn it round over the other 3 sports.