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Written by James Pope


The battle of Britain at English Open (19-21.8) ends with one major title for each. Nearly two years after his last World Tour title Calum Reid (Scottish Open 2009) is finally back to his abilities to take his 7th international World Tour title in London, while Isabelle Tyrrell defends hers. The Scotsman also conquers London in doubles together with David Lazarus at his home club in Redbridge, where the Senior also takes the +45 title and is aiming for the World Championship title this years. The winning streak of Isabelle Tyrrell was continued in her home country, taking the fourth World Tour title of the year and the fourth in a row. Once again successful in doubles was Nathalie Zeoli with two victories, one with her brother Markus in mixed and one with the other Natalie (Lawrence) in women doubles. The only non-british singles title of the weekend went to Hong Kongs Cheung Wai Kit in Men D – Beginners. All results and endpositions are now online on

Reid takes WT title after two-year break

After his last World Tour victory in Edinburgh 2009, Calum Reid had some challenges to go through: Injury, burnout, start of working life, before he finally came back to the Racketlon world with an impressing victory at English Open. Neither the two Swedes Mikael van Matern or Martin Björkryd, nor countryman Shawn Doney were a serious challenge on the way to the final, where the rising star of the year Jesper Ratzer was waiting. The Dane had no problems with Jordan, Söderlund or Zeoli and only played in two draws this time. In the final Ratzer once again performed outstanding Badminton with a 21:4 victory, but also proved that in the other three sports he has his limits, which gave Reid a pretty safe victory. Björkyd took the bronze medal. Very disappointing was the performance of the English players. Topseeded Jermain Manners was outclassed in the first round by Senior Shawn Doney from Scotland and all home players took the endposition 13. 

Isabell Tyrrell continues winning streak

She won the last four tournaments on the FIR World Tour in singles she played. She now has a total of five World Tour titles in only one year and she has only ever lost one single match in the women elite draw. Her name is Isabelle Tyrrell and after defending her title at English Open, she is now walking in the footsteps of a Lilian Druve. After victories over Nathalie Zeoli and Lucie Trvznikova, English number one Natalie Lawrence was waiting in the final. On the top half of the draw it was no problem for her to advance after wins over Bartels and American woman Shona Kerr. In the final Lawrence had her chances, won both Badminton and Squash, but an impressing 21:4 in Tennis secured Tyrrell her next title. Natalie was not to upset, taking the title in women doubles with the other Nathalie (Zeoli) instead. The other Nathalie proved doubles specialist once again taking the title in mixed too with her brother Markus. 

First ever Women Seniors WT Title

Only once in Racketlon history was a Women Seniors (+45) draw held at the World Champs in Belgium 2006. The first ever World Tour title in Women Seniors (+45) was competed for in London and the winner was Carol Whittington, who also made it to the top of the podium in Women B – Amateur. Her counterpart in Seniors (+45) is David Lazarus, who looks like a serious contender for the World Champs title this year, beating Rakesh Gupta in the final and Shawn Doney (Manners-defeater) in the semis. His daughter was the youngest girl at English Open with 10 years and not only proved her talent but also that she has nerves of steel winning the u13 Juniors competition against three boys in by the gummiarm point in the final against Cheung Chi Yan Steven from Hong Kong. Elise Lazarus also won two matches in Ladies B and was runner-up to Whittington receiving player of the tournament for great performances (and only 10 years old!).

Men Beginner Title for Hong Kong

Comebacker of the weekend was Cheung Wai Kit, who took the Beginner title after a pause of over two years. The Hong Kong Racketlon federation council member made sure that all singles titles at English Open went to Britain or former British colonies, except for Seniors (+55), which  once again went to Graham King from Switzerland. Jagdev Sagoo (Men B) and Robbie Wong (Men C) are new winners of international Racketlon tournaments and are hopefully motivated to go for more in the future. 

Tribute to Andy Petersons
The Andy Petersons (the oldest active Racketlon player died this year) tribute to best performance from a veteran went to Dave Sutlieff and a one minute applause after Ray Jordan held a speech about his first ever Racketlon match versus Andy Petersons in 2003. Player of the tournament was awarded to 10 year old Elise Lazarus for beating 3 boys to win the U13's and getting to the final of a monrad 8 draw in women b. It was probably the best ever English Open with no bad feedback so far and many people made lots of positive comments about the court station boards, the ipad2 film which is launched on youtube (15 minute film) and facebook (20 minute film).

Report: Marcel Weigl and Keith Lesser

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Men A – Elite
1. Calum Reid, Sco
2. Jesper Ratzer, Den
3. Martin Björkryd, Swe

Women A – Elite
1. Isabelle Tyrrell, Eng
2. Natalie Lawrence, Eng
3. Lucie Tvrznikova, Cze

Men A – Elite Doubles
1. Calum Reid/David Lazarus, Sco/Eng
2. Ray Jordan/Jason Granville, Eng/Nzl
3. Jesper Ratzer/Emil Bergander, Den

Mixed Doubles
1. Nathalie Zeoli/Markus Zeoli, Ger
2. Natalie Lawrence/Anders Söderlund, Eng/Swe
3. Lucie Tvrznikova/Duncan Stahl, Cze/Eng

Women Doubles
1. Nathalie Zeoli/Natalie Lawrence, Ger/Eng
2. Lucie Tvrznikova/Svenja Kleb, Cze/Ger
3. Dominique Ford/Fiona Sime, Eng

Juniors (u13)
1. Elise Lazarus, Eng
2. Cheung Chi Yan Steven, Hkg
3. Jordan Manners, Eng

Juniors (u16)
1.    Alistair Wright, Eng
2.    Benjamin Singh, Eng
3. Benjamin Albert, Hun

Seniors Women (+45)
1. Carol Whittington, Eng
2. Dianne Baker, Eng
3. Fiona Sime, Eng

Seniors (+45)
1. David Lazarus, Eng
2. Rakesh Gupta, Eng
3. Shawn Doney, Sco

Seniors (+55)
1.    Graham King, Sui
2.    David Sutlieff, Eng
3.    Rudy Krajc, Cze

Women B – Amateur
1. Carol Whittington, Eng
2. Elise Lazarus, Eng
3. Dianne Baker, Eng

Men B – Advanced
1. Jagdev Sagoo, Eng
2. Simon Whale, Eng
3. Stuart Hobden, Eng

Men C – Amateur
1. Robbie Wong, Eng
2. Hassan Kayani, Eng
3. Jon Moore¸Eng

Men D -Beginner
1. Cheung Wai Kit, Hgk
2. Simon Marshall, Eng
3. Daniel Gillett, Eng

Men B – Amateur Doubles
1. Daniel Setterwall/Kalle Palmlöf, Swe
2. David Ridout/Fabien Mauroy, Eng/Fra
3. Jermaine Manners/Jordan Manners, Eng