UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Hi All

Well we have now come to the end of the 2012 World Tour Application process.

Stockholm got the Singles world champs because the originator of Racketlon is retiring and it will be his last month in work managing the sports centre (November 2012).

Bulgaria got the Team & Doubles (mid July). We couldn’t compete with their budget as they get the university facility in Sofia for free and FIR want to develop Racketlon in Eastern Europe. They only have 3 squash courts but the event will be run over 4 days and FIR have assured me no player will be allowed to enter 2 categories in 1 day.

Redbridge is closed on our traditional August date (when the Dutch Open will now be held).

We had a nominal date for mid May for the World Team & Doubles (until Bulgaria ruined this plan…!), but now they have this as not an ideal date for the English Open & Champions League as it is only 2 weeks before the very popular Belgium Open. The only other choice is to then have the event at the end of October as all other World Tour events are confirmed.

There are some positives here. The Champions League will still attract a class field and the 3 day event will likely be as good as the 2008 World Doubles Championships held at Redbridge, if not better.

We hope that the event is still at Redbridge, but this is not yet confirmed. We have committed to the event being in London regardless.

Many Thanks for those that have supported this process.

See you in 3 weeks at the 2011 English Open. Enter if you haven’t already..


Keith Lesser

PS the Sussex Draw for tomorrow is available in the next article..