UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Launch of 2011 Sussex Open - Saturday 30 July

Last year Ray Jordan overcame a strong field including Jason Granville, Duncan Stahl and Stuart Hobden to become the 2010 Champion.  2 class B evetns were organised and we saw the emergence of Colin Shermer and Ajay Missan. Another necomer at the time Rob Bozier won mens C.

Again we are holding the event a couple of weeks before the English Open and this therefore provides an ideal practice opportunity for those planning on entering the biggest event on the UK racketlon calendar.

This year we are planning on running mens, ladies and an over 45s category.  As with all tournaments the specific make up of the categories will vary with the number of entrants in each category.

With the 1st ever Lawson Lewis Eastbourne Open being held earlier in July Sussex is becoming a major player on the UK tour.  With Croydon just up the road we are creating a regional group of events held across the year to encourage regular tournament entry.  This is a focus for UK Racketlon as to build the sport the more events within a short travelling distance the more new people are likely to enter a 2nd or 3rd event.