UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Racketlon Re-Launches in the North!

The first ever Lancashire Racketlon Open took place on the 26th February in Blackburn.

The event had 21 entrants registered and, whilst modest beginnings, it signifies a major step in the expansion of Racketlon in England. It is the first time that an ERA Racketlon event has been held north of Nottingham since Middlesborough in 2007 and hopefully this event will be a springboard for more events in the North of England in the coming months and years.

The event itself had a mixture of 'veterans' and new entrants to Racketlon. Familiar faces, such as Mark Jackson, Richard Lawrence, Luke Barnes, Fiona Sime and Dominique Ford battled away in usual fashion and Mark Jackson emerged victorious in the Mens A division ahead of Luke Barnes (2nd) and Selwyn Walmsley (3rd). As there were only two female entrants, both competed in the 'Mens' C event and Fiona Sime finished third in the C category and took the honours in the women's category.

The Mens B competition threw up two potential future stars of Racketlon, when friends Julian Wilson and Jonathan Ash made it to the final and what a final it was. Going into the Tennis, Jonathan was 6 points up and after a nailbiting match, Julian managed to edge pass Jonathan to take the honours. As both are from Lancashire, it paves the way for a Lancashire team to enter the team championships later in the year.

The Mens C competition was won by Gareth Wright who proved too strong for the others. He won the event without too much trouble although he was given a scare in the squash by eventual runner up Darren Vickery, who won 21-0. Gareth was however too strong in the Tennis and strolled home 21-3.

The event would not have taken place without the help of Richard, Dominique, Iqbal, Pleckgate School and Blackburn Northern Sports Club and of course all the competitors who took part, some from as far away as Scotland! Thanks for turning up Kenneth!

  1st 2nd 3rd
Mens A Mark Jackson Luke Barnes Selwyn Walmsley
Mens B Julian Wilson Jonathan Ash Steve Davies
Mens C Gareth Wright Darren Vickery Fiona Sime
Ladies Fiona Sime Dominique Ford  

I can now go and put my feet up for a while...I dont know how Richard and others keep doing it time after time and take part at a good level. Until next year! 

Siraz Natha (First time Racketlon Tournament Organiser)