UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

2011 Tournament Updates & dates for the diary

Be sure to download the 2011 FIR World Tour from (this has just been announced).

The UK Domestic tour will follow shortly. The English Champs will be held at Esporta as per this year's Surrey Open on the weekend of 22nd-23rd January. The English Open will be at Redbridge on 19th-21st August. The world tour kicks off in February in Malmo with the arguable highlight at the end of April in Milan (The World Team & Doubles). The Singles World Champs is again at the end of November, this time in Vienna. The Scottish Open and Welsh Opens will again be challengers in 2011 and we will look to hold further challenger events also.

The Scottish Open takes place this weekend with English winners possible in all categories. More comprehensive reviews are available online at the FIR website and draws can be found on the Scottish Open website and also the Mens A draw on

More to follow.......