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Written by James Pope

Planancy English Open Update - Thursday 19th August

All draws are online, the schedule, as promised, is now published below.

Arrangements for this year's English Open are coming along swimmingly. With a plethora of talent and enthusiasm, doubles players will line up on Friday 20th August at 645pm...


Planancy English Racketlon Open 2010 Draws and Schedules

All full up with optimal draws

Mens Class A Singles, A Doubles and Ladies A Singles


The draws for the elite tournaments are done for these 3 categories as per FIR Rules. We waited on Class A Mixed Doubles as we are hoping for a 6th pair. Jermaine Manners and Jane Cook will provide stiff competition for Jon Foulds and Natalie Lawrence after today's entry here.


The Mens Singles draw has 3 favourites. 2 are English and Swede Rickard Persson completes the three horse race. Jermaine Manners shouldn't have much trouble with the top half. He will most probably face Rickard Persson or Edward Batson in the final.



Batson has to overcome highly ranked German Lars Bosselmann which won't be a walk in the park, but the Welsh Open champion will fancy his chances and rightly so. Bosselmann should take the badminton and compete in tennis but will struggle to win overall, losing 3 sports. Lesser v Hobden compete to face Persson, which is the strongest table tennis quarter of the draw. Foulds v Jordan see these two match up again and is the match of the 1st round. Can the newly crowned Sussex champion (Jordan) take out the British Champion (Foulds)?

Natalie Lawrence starts as favourite but will receive some stiff competition from the likes of Jane Cook and Sarah Jane-Perry. Isabelle Tyrrell could prove a tough first round match.

Please pay if you haven't already done so and see you next weekend. There will be a £5 penalty for domestic player pay on the day.

Best Wishes