UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Welsh Racketlon Open - Saturday ONLY (24th July)

Due to the lack of entries the World Tour 'Challenger' event is being reduced to one day, with all Sunday categories being moved to Saturday. Doubles events will compete in the morning & singles events in the afternoon. The ERA asks that interested players enter as soon as possible...


The event takes place at David Lloyd, Cardiff & the day will likely run from 9am to 5pm & as with last year there is the opportunity to compete in singles & doubles...

There is a strong possibility that we will run the singles events from midday & have the doubles commencing in the morning...TBC

Singles (from Midday approx.)
It is anticipated that categories will be limited to 8 players & Mens C & D will likely be combined, unless sufficient entries are received. This may also be the case with Mens A & B, with one event for Ladies & one event for Over's.

Doubles (9am to Midday approx.)
It is likely that mens & mixed doubles will be limited to 4 pairs each, with either a 3 match round robin format, or a straight semi-final, final & 3rd/4th place play-off.

World Ranking Points
This is a great opportunity to gain some world championship points in singles & doubles, elevating you up the rankings! You can do no worse than 8th in singles & 4th in doubles!

Enter now at:

Also enter at: - here is where you pay the 10 euro international license that will also cover you for the English & Scottish Opens & any FIR International events.

Look back at the 2009 event: