UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Nottingham Open 2010

Another successful Nottingham Racketlon Open! There were some established racketlon names and some new ones to watch out for...


Luke Barnes, one such new player, drew Alex Hartley in the 1st round of the A event. Alex narrowly won by 5 points but it was obvious to see that with a little more racketlon experience, Luke should expect to challenge for a top 10 ranking. Alex met last years winner, Carl Jennings, in the A final. Although Alex only managed to get 2 points in the badminton, he dominated in the table tennis and squash so that he only required 9 points in the tennis to win. Unfortunately Carl had to retire before the tennis and so Alex Hartley was the A event winner, winning £50 prize money.

The B event final was won by last years runner up, Harvey Thomson. He later commented that he didn't feel stretched in his matches, and is therefore looking forward to A events in the future.The C event winner was Neil Carlin, who dominated the event to the extent that he may have been better suited to the A event.

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Mens A Event - Winner: Alex Hartley,   2: Carl Jennings,   3: Andy Hopwood

Mens B Event - Winner: Harvey Thomson,   2: Ian Sadler,   3: Rob Sampson

Mixed C Event - Winner: Neil Carlin,   2: Gabor Soos,   =3: Johnny Stephenson & Oliver Noye

Thanks to all those who competed. The feedback was very positive and so I hope to see you all again next year.

Andy Hopwood