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Written by James Pope


British Racketlon Championships 2010 - Results & Report

The 2010 British Racketlon Championships is now over. Congratulations to the elite class winners, Jonathan Foulds & Gemma Sgariglia. For the full results spreadsheet, summary of the results & images from the event, please read on. Full report now added.

Images - Facebook event

Full Results Spreadsheet - British Racketlon Championships

Next event - Nottinghamshire Racketlon Open - 12th June 2010, Nottingham Squash Club, Nottingham

Firstly, a special thanks to the local the on site organisers, Richard Lawrence, Dominique Ford, Keith Lesser & Diane Levin for yet another great event, with eight singles categories competing in the one days event.

Full Results & Report

Mens Elite (A)

Winner: Jonathan Foulds, Runner-up: Chris McKee, Third: Alex Hartley

A fantastic achievement for Jon Foulds who has won his first ever tournament after playing racketlon for six years. That's some training session, but does show what is possible if you keep practicing. Foulds had modest beginnings in racketlon having only ever played squash and table tennis previously, but has improved his badminton and tennis (a bit), started a family and 6 years later is the champion of Britain. We love you Jon, you are our hero and an inspiring story to the sport.....just next time you get to 12-18 in tennis meaning the match is 57-60 (meaning McKee winning the next three points would have resulted in a draw), try not yelling out "yes". This suggested to the crowd that you had won the event, when you in fact needed another point. You got this as we all now know at 13-20 (with an excellent serve)! The learned crowd knew the situation (I heard Daniel Woodley shout, you need 13 Jon) and the only one who was confused was the eventual champion. Great tennis though, good backhand pass in the first half against McKee who is a tough cookie. The fans enjoyed this one very much.

Mens Advanced (B1)

Winner: Adam Gross, Runner-up: Haydn Jones, Third: Richard Boreham

Adam Gross winning this event alongside several established racketlon players is up there with the upset of the day. Gross a strong tennis player, had only finished runner-up in Mens C at the English Championships in January. Haydn Jones showed prowess in the middle two to power home to the final. Richard Boreham continued to show strong form and it was good to see Phil Watson back after injury. These 8 players are a credit to the sport.






Mens Advanced (B2)

Winner: Alex Phillips, Runner-up: Anthony Phillips, Third: Racketlon Blogger Simon Williams (with Tweeter Keith Lesser). 

A mixture of relative newcomers, and social networkers above! Alex Phillips showed some good racketlon pedigree and is ready for the A event, with excellent squash ability.

Mens Amateur (C1)

Winner: Dinesh Passi, Runner-up: Andrew Taylor, Third: Siraz Natha


Passi is British Champion! Good stuff. See you in B next time. Keith Lesser's flatmate Jonny Stoller (4th place) will be cursing that badminton net and is looking for some hard training next time.








Mens Amateur (C2)

Winner: Gavin Larkin , Runner-up: Petr Scucinski, Third: Todd Green

Good to see excellent enthusiasm and this is really what the sport is all about.

Womens Elite (A)

Winner: Gemma Sgariglia, Runner-up: Carol Whittington , Third: Alice Howard

Countback....! Gemma beats Alice, Alice beats Carol, Carol beats Gemma.....points.....Gemma comes out on top. Gemma is keen to improve her squash to reach the next level. Carol was unable to build upon her fantastic victory at Letchworth and Alice Howard is a great new addition to the tour. Alice ranks alongside Emma Rose as the best female table tennis players who have played racketon in recent times and also packs a punch with a tennis racket!






Womens Advanced (B)

Winner: Susannah Lee, Runner-up: Dominique Ford, Third: Emma Tovey


The mysterious man on the left seems to have eaten the 2nd and 3rd placed Ladies. Susannah Lee showed excellent badminton and very good squash ability and will have a crack at Ladies A on her next visit. Teenager Emma Tovey looked good on the table tennis table and is one to watch for the future!







Mens Over 45 

Winner: Stuart Foster, Runner-up: Graham Norton, Third: Duncan Marlow (with Tournament Assisant Diane Levin and 4th Placed David Sutlieff).

More eating? Did Foster eat 3rd placed Marlow. No, Marlow is in a different photo, phew......! Diane Levin certainly lights up this picture. Foster did well to become British Champion taking over from reigning champion, 3rd placed Duncan Marlow (the organiser of South London). Foster played much better in badminton which was key.


The British Racketlon Championships is only stage 5 of a full English & Welsh Racketlon Tour 2010 – the next stop being the Nottinghamshire Racketlon Open at Nottingham Squash Club, Nottingham. See the 'Events' & 'Tournament Entry' pages for further details and entry to future tournaments.