UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Racketlon in Melbourne

The La Trobe University Autumn 2010 Racketlon was held on Sunday, March 14. The event was the University's first ever racketlon and was organised by the La Trobe Squash club...

It was hosted by the La Trobe Sports Centre, in Bundoora (Melbourne). Most of the 17 entrants were students from La Trobe University or Monash University who had never even heard of racketlon until a few weeks before the event. However, the tournament also attracted two Scottish expatriates, Calum and Niall Munro, both of whom had played competitive racketlon throughout Europe.

All 17 players were placed in the main draw, with the first, second and third round losers competing for
the C, B and A grade titles respectively. Sets were played to 15 points, with a margin of two points
required if scores reached 14/14.

There were tight matches being played all day. Anton Jurkiw and Jee Wee Ong’s first round match
finished as a tie on 52/52, with Jee Wee triumphant in the Gummiarm Tiebreak. In round two, Anurag
Gill defeated Jee Wee Ong 26/24 in the tennis set, with the total scores being 57/54.

At lunch time, players were treated to sausages, rissoles, salads and coleslaw, which was provided at no extra charge to competitors. Most players showed a great deal of talent in their strongest sport and were able to adapt some of their skills to the other sports. However, the consistency of the Scottish men over all four sports proved to be too much for the locals to handle, setting up an intriguing father/son battle in the final.

In the final, Calum took an early lead before Niall managed a massive comeback from 14/10 down to
eventually take the table tennis set 18/16. Badminton, being both Calum and Niall's strongest sport, was always going to be hotly contested. Niall was victorious, 15/12, which gave the youngster a five-point lead.

Calum, the former world number 14, refused to give in and won the squash 15/12, which reduced the
margin to two points with the tennis set to play. The tennis was another close set with solid stroke play from both ends of the court. Calum managed to win the set 15/11. The aggregate over all four sports was 58/56, which means that Calum Munro became the first La Trobe University Racketlon champion.

Players had a fun day and there was a strong indication that most players will spread the word amongst
their friends and sporting clubs, before returning for the next racketlon event. La Trobe University will host the Winter 2010 Racketlon on Saturday, August 7.

Thanks to:

  • La Trobe University Sports Centre for the use of their facilities
  • Rebecca Ogilvie (La Trobe Sports Centre) for organising court hire, racquet hire, medals etc.
  • Kath Ryan (La Trobe Squash Club President) for cooking the BBQ
  • Michael Braham (La Trobe University Games Squash Team Captain) and Tony Yao (Badminton Club President) for setting up courts
  • All competitors for their great sportsmanship during such a fun day!

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(Prefix denotes seeding. Scores are shown in the following order: table tennis, badminton, squash, tennis.)

Open Semi finals:
1-Calum Munro (Kilsyth Badminton Club) def. Leigh Sands (La Trobe University Squash Club) 15/5 15/1 5/15 15/4 (+25)
2-Niall Munro (Kilsyth Badminton Club) def. 3-Mithran Selvaratnam (Monash University Squash Club) 15/3 15/2 2/15 15/8 (+19)

1-Calum Munro def. 2-Niall Munro 16/18 12/15 15/12 15/11 (+2)

Calum Munro (left) with tournament director, Leigh Sands

Leigh Sands with Niall Munro (right)

A Grade Final:
Anurag Gill (Monash University Squash Club) def. Michael Braham (La Trobe University Squash Club)
12/15 15/12 15/11 15/12 (+7)

Anurag Gill (left) and Michael Braham (right)

B Grade Final:
4-Josefine Paulie (La Trobe University Squash Club) def. Jee Wee Ong (Glen Waverley) 15/7 15/7 15/4 15/3 (+39)

Josefine Paulie

C Grade Final:
Anton Jurkiw (Ivanhoe) def. Raymond Yang (Bundoora) 6/15 15/3 15/10 9/15 (+2)


Squash club president, Kath Ryan with Anton Jurkiw (right)

Leigh Sands with Raymond Yang (right)

Andrew Harris (left) takes on Anton Jurkiw (right)

Niall Munro prepares to serve against Michael Braham

Badminton Club President, Tony Yao, sets up for a smash.

Tran Dungz, Jo See Tan, Niall Munro and Josefine Paulie get ready to play table tennis

Ze Goon and Michael Braham finish their badminton set, with Josefine Paulie, Danny Yu and Jee Wee Ong watching.

Niall Munro serves in the final.

Asher Leslie gets ready for a tennis set.

Niall Munro, Calum Munro and Danny Yu enjoy the BBQ lunch

Mithran Selvaratnam and Jo See Tan await presentations