UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Rankings 01APR10

The latest 2010 British rankings are out, taking into account results from the Surrey Racketlon Open...

After his excellent performance in the Surrey Open Chris Mckee has risen to number 34 on the current list. Category B winner Dan Woodley is up to number 35. 

A top 10 position appears a very viable target for a number of people this year. A good performance in 7 events looks like it could easily be enough so people like Jeremy Krzystyniak, Neal Smith and Duncan Stahl are all likely contenders.  Add in others currently outside the top 10 like Tom Whitehouse, Simon Whale and Ed Batson and it could get very tense towards the end of the year. 

One person who could well end up in the top 3 is Jason Granville.  With his active participation in World Class A events his overall points tally will rise.  Letchworth also sees the return of Carl Jennings to the fold. 

Other new players moving up the rankings in 2010 include Daniel Dzikowski and Sid Harding who have both entered all 3 events so far this year. 

On the ladies front the top 6 are some way ahead of the rest due to their continued support of the domestic tour.  New in at number 32 is the Surrey winner Jo Robinson, hopefully after an enyoyable and successful tournament she may enter Letchworth or the upcoming British Champs. Neither of the top 2 have entered a domestic event this year.  Fiona Sime and Diane Baker have taken advantage of this and are closing in on Jane Cook fast.


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UK Ranking Officers: Stuart Hobden