UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Change in License Entry Process


Key point is that out of the entry fee, the £5 license is now included in the entry fee to avoid confusion...




For information, this is consistent with the entry prices for tournaments for the last 2 years. The key distinction is what the money is used for. It is the aim of the English Racketlon Association that £5 of every entry fee goes towards racketlon development and is not all used for tournament expenditure.

If anyone has paid the annual license, they receive a £5 rebate. If anyone has entered already for Letchworth (22/3/2010) and got an annual license, they have paid the right amount. 4 people owe an additional £5 (as per 22/03/2010).

This is learning from the Surrey Open which was a very successful event.

Only 2 matters of course are now possible, either:

1) People pay the full entry fee (including tournament license).

2) People pay the full annual license of £20 and get £5 off per event from that point in time. This will be in the form of a rebate and in advance where possible.