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Written by James Pope

English Racketlon Championships 2010 - Results & Report

The 2010 English Racketlon Championships, sponsored by, is now over. For the full results spreadsheet, summary of the results & images from the event, please read on...

Images - Facebook event (Video not available for this event)

Full Results Spreadsheet - English Championships Results

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Results Summary (Report Further Below)

Mens Elite (A)

Winner: Jermaine Manners, Runner-up: Ed Batson, Third: Simon Whale

Mens Advanced (B1)

Winner: Duncan Stahl, Runner-up: Selwyn Walmsey, Third: Matthew Lampard

Mens Advanced (B2)

Winner: David Westmoreland, Runner-up: Chris McKee, Third: Richard Boreham

Mens Amateur (C1)

Winner: Simon Williams, Runner-up: Adam Gross, Third: Dinal Shah

Mens Beginner (C2)

Winner: Tom Crompton, Runner-up: Velesh Ghedia, Third: Brijesh Ghedia

Womens Elite (A)

Winner: Sarah Lochrie, Runner-up: Gemma Sgariglia, Third: Fiona Sime

Womens Advanced (B)

Winner: Dominique Ford, Runner-up: Maureen Thompson, Third: Michelle Eaton

Junior Under 16/U14

Winner: Eugene Daley, Runner-up: Josh Marsh, Third: Prashan Clare, Fourth: Elise Lazarus

Mens Seniors Over 45

Winner: Dave Lazarus, Runner-up: Andy Russell, Third: Rakesh Gupta

Mens Seniors Over 55

Winner: Ken Tunstell, Runner-up: Ken Anderson, Third: Charles Eaton

Mens Elite Doubles (A)

Winner: David Westmoreland & Patrick Cooney, Runner-up: Tom Whitehouse & Gary Tovey, Third: Rob Sampson & Russell Hayes

Mens Advanced Doubles (B)

Winners: Ashley Stokes & Vidal Graham, Runners-up: Daniel Gillett & Kevin Constantine, Third: Nick Goodchild & Michael Parker

Ladies Doubles (A)

Winner: Dianne Baker & Carol Whittington, Runner-up: Fiona Sime & Dominique Ford

No Photo!

Mixed Elite Doubles (A)

Winner: Fiona Sime & Ray Jordan, Runner-up: Dominique Ford & Keith Lesser, Third: Sarah Lochrie & Wayne Donaldson

English Championships - The best ever

Following a couple of months of rest and recuperation, the English Racketlon Association resumed business last weekend with The English Racketlon Championships 2010. This year the championships were held at our premier London location, Redbridge Sports Centre with a total of 95 singles entries and 16 doubles pairs. Two days later, English Champions were crowned in 13 different categories including, for the first time, Under 14s and Ladies doubles. The tournament took the mantle of biggest and best ever non-world ranking tournament in the UK.

English Championships Report

The Mens A category was strongly contested – including 5 out of the top 6 ranked players. Jermaine Manners retained his Mens A title (and the £100 cash prize to boot). Manners beat 2nd placed British Champion Ed Batson in the final (59-50). Batson making do with £50, as the English Championships introduced prize money for the first time. Manners beat Jeremy Krzystyniak in the semis - Jeremy just losing out to Simon Whale in the 3rd/4th place play off.

Stahl to play Mens A

Mens B (like Mens C) was split into two categories of 12 each to ensure matches could be completed in one day. Mens B-1 was won by Duncan Stahl over Selwyn Walmsley who made a welcome return to the racketlon community. Duncan is now destined to compete in the elite category in the future. Matthew Lampard took third place in the Mens B-1, winning 64-51 over UK ranked number 17 Mark Johnson. Mens B-2 included a mix of Racketlon regulars and new recruits and was won by David Westmoreland in his debut tournament, beating Chris McKee 70-60 in the final. Richard Boreham took third place over Julian Haste.

Hard work for racketlon blogger comes off

Mens C-1 and C-2 categories were disrupted on Sunday by a number of withdrawals, taxing the tournament organisers to come up with a scenario allowing all players at least three matches. Mens C-1 was won by Simon Williams (racketlon's most famous blogger) with a narrow 3 point win over Adam Gross. Dinal Shah beat Howard Clare 57-48 to get onto the podium. The Mens C-2 category was comprised of Racketlon first timers. Thankfully the rules were clearly understood by all and the title was taken by Tom Crompton who beat Velesh Ghedia 62-44. Brijesh Ghedia also got a debut medal by taking third place.

Lochrie wins the first of many

Reigning Ladies Champion Jane Cook was unable to defend her title and this was grabbed by Sarah Lochrie who beat British Champion Gemma Sgariglia in the final. Sarah was clearly in a hurry to get to her friends Hen Party that evening winning her first match before the tennis and going into tennis on her final two matches +16 and +21. UK ranked number 3, Fiona Sime, took third place over Dianne Baker (ranked 5) 64-48. Tournament Director Dominique Ford took the Ladies B title winning all three of her matches before the tennis (luckily!)  Maureen Thompson took second place and Michelle Eaton beat Jan McCall to take third place.

Daley - king of the juniors

For the first time, the English Championships was able to run a small junior event which was won by 12 year old Eugene Daley who won all of his three matches. Josh Marsh took second place and Prashan Clare just beat the youngest competitor – 9 year old Elise Lazarus – to third place. Elise won all of her squash sets against her older male competitors to a loss of only 10 points in total. Watch out ladies in the not too distant future!

Can anyone touch Lazarus?

The Mens Over 45’s title was retained by Dave Lazarus in a strongly contested field, beating Andy Russell in the final. Rakesh Gupta took the third place over Stuart Farrar who had to unfortunately retire due to injury. The Over 55’s also saw an injury withdrawal (Roman Szwaba) but the title was taken by Ken Tunstall, beating Ken Anderson (2nd) and Charles Eaton (3rd) in the process.

Doubles take centre stage

Dianne Baker and Carol Whittington beat Fiona Sime and Dominique Ford to become the inaugural Ladies Doubles champions. Hopefully this category can develop over the coming tournaments. 

Both the mixed and Mens A Doubles events suffered last minute withdrawals which caused changes to the schedule. The mixed title went to Fiona Sime and Ray Jordan who beat two-time Mixed Doubles English Champions Dominique Ford and Keith Lesser in the final. Sime and Jordan had to win their semi over Sarah Lochrie and Wayne Donaldson on a gummi, Jordan hitting a net cord return off a Donaldson serve. Lochrie and Donaldson got some consolation by beating Lynn Wright and Paul Goodhew to take the third place medals whilst plotting a rule change to the squash order of play. Marcel take cover – Sarah Lochrie may be contacting you….. 

David Westmoreland took his second title of the weekend by pairing up with Patrick Cooney in the Mens A Doubles. They beat Russell Hays and Rob Sampson (3rd) and lost to Gary Tovey and Tom Whitehouse (2nd) – the countback proving crucial in this category.  Mens B Doubles was won by Ashley Stokes and Vidal Graham winning all three matches in their round robin grouping. Second place was taken by scratch pairing Dan Gillett and Kevin Constantine and third by Nick Goodchild and Michael Parker.

Great organisation

Despite a schedule comprising of 190 matches over 13 categories, the tournament committee were for once able to mostly concentrate on playing due to the invaluable contribution by Mick Strode. Mick’s voice could carry to Tennis Court 3 and players were rapidly sent on their way to the Table Tennis with their match-sheets. Thanks to Doug Pether and for their sponsorship and to Matt Crane and Dave Lazarus at Redbridge Sports Centre. Special thanks to Keith Lesser and Gary Tovey for their hard work in helping to set up and run this tournament and to all the helpers on the day including Dan, Ray and Fiona.

The English Racketlon Championships is only stage 1 of a full English & Welsh Racketlon Tour 2010 – the next stop being Eastleigh, Hampshire. See the 'Events' & 'Tournament Entry' pages for further details and entry to future tournaments.