UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope
XMAS Racketlon 2009

Dave Lazarus & Redbridge Sports Centre hosted a fantastic Xmas Racketlon event on Monday 28th December...

XMAS Racketlon Huge Success!

The first bank holiday after xmas and boxing day gave local sportsmen and women the opportunity to work off some of those turkey sandwiches and get around court in a speedy fashion (all be it slightly more painful than normal). Lucky it was only 11-up!

New Way to run racketlon

With a whopping 62 players eventually competing, Lazarus was happy with the turnout. Lazarus has introduced an innovative way to run tournaments. 11-up, 5 matches (good workout), grab a court (any court) and all done in an afternoon (4-5 hours). This is slightly different to normal as matches aren't always in the traditional order of sports and can be in any order. It means players don't need to always commit a weekend or a whole day to play and can combine this format with other 21-up type events. Everyone enjoyed this concept. If anyone wants hints and tips on how to introduce racketlon to their particular centre, Dave is happy to pass on his expertise via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07956340351. This is certainly a transferable, workeable idea which would be good to see up and down the country. The idea works with as few as 4 players (round robin) and can be scaled up to 8, 16 or 32 players. The other great thing is since you play others who match your performances (winners play winners, etc), the more rounds you play, the closer the matches become (in principal).


Whilst up to 70 at one point the day before, a few had to pull out with varied excuses blaming wariness and red cabbage. Players of all standards produced a fairly strong field. Lazarus vision to run two full 32 Monrad draws more or less came to fruition. The Monrad means that you play for your place and keep going. This means everyone had a finishing position between 1st-32nd. 62 players was no mean feat and is a number most UK Tour tournaments would be happy with. The tournament really reflected what racketlon is all about, come and have a go and enjoy yourselves doing something you don't do every week. The atmosphere was sociable and friendly. Hopefully see you all at the next tournament in January, where there is a category for everyone to have a go at.

Busby on top

Squash specialist Dan Busby brought a group down from Sheffield and with victory did not go home empty handed. Whilst also demonstrating skills across all the sports and strong badminton, Busby was tested in the final, but his squash carried him home. Another squash player Duncan Stahl gave Busby a run for his money with an 11-4 victory in table tennis, but Busby pulled back the difference in badminton running out an 11-2 winner. The squash then made the tennis somewhat irrelevant with Busby powering home 11-3 proving to have the stronger stamina. With previous winners of Dave's events Martin Szwaba and Tom Crompton finishing outside the top 8, the quarter finals looked quite tasty. Hobbs ended the run of Martin Szwaba who had earlier knocked out British Ladies Champion Gemma Sgariglia by one point. That was certainly the match of the first round and Sgariglia profile wise might have even given Busby a reasonable game which would have been good to see.  Crompton lost out to Doug Pether, the stalwart did well to reach the quarter finals.

Other noticeable finishes were Keith Lesser - 3rd, Ollie Close - 4th, Wayne Donaldson - 5th and Chris Hobbs - 6th. Hobbs with his new unlimited membership at Redbridge looks to be one to watch. Lesser's crunching victory over Donaldson was the pick of the quarter finals, with Stahl upsetting Lesser in the semi's. Steady squash and tennis saw the newcomer upset the table tennis veteran. Busby & Stahl will look to take this form into the upcoming English Champs also at Redbridge on 23rd/24th January. Everyone is welcome.

Class B

Mike Parker - 1st, beat Nick Goodchild - 2nd in an excellent final. Goodchild had sneaked past Stephen Lesser in the quarter finals by a mere one point margin. Sarah Mackie's 17th place finish was an excellent performance, showing strong squash with 4 racketlon wins! Other impressive performances were Roman Szwaba - 5th (clearly benefitting from his table tennis practice in Germany), Tony Darling - 6th, Stephen Lesser - 7th and Martin O'Toole - 8th.