UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Magnus Eliasson Quits Racketlon - The Legend!

Read a sensational interview on detailing the most dominant player of alltime Magnus Eliasson and his final words (for now....) on the sport. He may not have won the most world championships, but he has won the most tournaments by some margin...

Is it a temporary retirement, will he potentially be back for the O45's? Who knows. It's possible. However, one must surely think this is not a man who does half measures. The sort of fellow one would imagine, we don't hear from for the next 10 years and then suddenly in a chaotic euphoria he returns at the age of 50. He then beats half of the world's top ten in his first tournament back. After all, great athletes like England's very own "superman" Richard Whitehouse (in his mid fifties) puts men half his age to shame with fantastic fitness. Sport is full of such characters and Nigel Eckersley (a highly rated English Table Tennis veteran) pulled off a victory against top ten player Chris Doran. Eck (in his 50's) sports potentially the biggest calves in English table tennis.

I would like to say on behalf of the English Racketlon Association a huge thanks to Magnus for the value and excitement he added to many events participated in England over the years. This spanned tournaments between 2002-2006, most of which he was unsurprisingly victorious. This does leave a vacuum on the world tour already seen with more victories for players like Calum Reid & Doug Struthers. New world number one Christoph Krenn has come into his own. Racketlon has changed upon this news, that's for sure....!