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Written by James Pope

British Champs Report * The laptop died the results died with them

The 4th British Singles Champs, took place 4 days ago & has proved to be a resounding success. Congrats to all winners and thanks to all volunteers, a report of sorts is below, a proper report will follow once several complants are received. Pls fill in the questionnaire on the homepage so we can improve the service provided.

British Champs Results and Report – Gosling Sports Park - Saturday 31st October

Full Report Coming Soon...oh look here it is (sort of). Edward Batson & Gemma Sgariglia showed their class, but didn't James Treweek and Margaret Chambers provide excellent finals. Treweek clearly benefited from a hard draw, particularly his first round match against tennis expert Simon May who pushed Treweek all the way to erm the squash where he got stuffed lol.

Sgariglia has never lost a racketlon match. Jane Cook, Natalie Lawrence where were you. Gemma would have beaten you anyway. Just like Ed would have beaten Jermaine Manners & Doug Struthers.....oooooooo

Duncan Marlow played a blinder in the vets, what a squash player!

Jill Pittard & Rajeev Bagga show how national champions play badminton

Congratulations to international badminton player Jill Pittard on a win in badminton in her first match, more to follow from Pittard I'm sure. I don't actually know but I'm guessing Pittard walloped the Ladies B (she would have done well in A). Well done to Dinesh Passi on gracing our tournament with such a class act. Rajeev Bagga's nugget win against Simon May at badminton (sorry Simon) also showed us that the deaf sportman of the century has strong racketlon prowess.

Jeremy, what are you doing in B!

Jeremy Krzystyniak impressed in the Class B event with a sensational match against racketlon veteran Dave Maynard. The two will no doubt clash again in the future. Krystyniak who clearly benefits from being a part of the Surrey centre of squash excellence, proved a tough cookie, and destroyed all in his path. Badminton being Krystyniak's weak link, but surely he would have pushed even the semi finalists in Class A.

Edward Batson, one to watch, adding his name to the history books, he has already entered the English Champs

A new player to some, not to others - known as one Edward Batson who showed his class becoming the 3rd British Champion after John O'Donnell beat Calum Munro in Dudley in 2006, O'Donnell then beat Darren Kerins in Hatfield in 2007 (James Greenhead 3rd, Marc Thornley 4th ), 2008 then saw "rising star" Mark Jackson beat a certain Gareth Shaw in the final (Fred Floether 3rd, Tom Whitehouse 4th - injured). Jackson famously beat Jermaine Manners in a tough 1st round match by a couple of points (it was Manners 2nd tournament). Batson destroyed all in his path and the more learned racketloners rate Batson to be the best in Britain. I overheard a mysterious racketlon fan in the bar who apparently has experience at over 50 tournaments. This fan is quoted as to saying "Batson would probably beat British Number One Jermaine Manners at 3 sports and win over all. Whilst Batson (who displays Christoph Krenn like tennis) is not as good as Struthers now, he is comparable to Struthers when he first started playing racketlon and is younger. Certainly the youngest, most talented English combination to have come across the sport.

888 Denny comes unstuck against smiling Dan Woodley in best Class C final ever

Many people commented not only on the great sportsmanship of Daniel Woodley and Denny Jose, but how about the quality. What a great badminton match for a C final. Not county players by any means, not even top club players at that, but the fight, the style and the stamina, don't forget this was the 4th match of the day to 21 points and the 14th racketlon set. Jose fought like a dog to go for the title, but Woodley had more in the tank. 888 Denny famously coined the nickname from other regular tour players when he lost 11-8 in squash 3 times in a row for his beloved county Kent. Jose, helping Kent to the national counties title and with it Champions League qualification and a trip to Vienna in 2010. Teammates Ray Jordan and Gareth Shaw would be proud. I saw Joe Magor shed a tear.

Gumi win for German in Round 3 "5-8 match"

Frederik Floether took out tournament organiser Keith Lesser with a famous victory. Floether had earlier lost to table tennis and tennis expert Stuart Hobden. Hobden showing squash improvement alongside his strong two sports. Hobden beating Welsh Open champion Alex Hartley for bronze, however missing out to Lesser's conquerer in the quarters, runner-up James Treweek. Treweek himself "Dave Lazarus like" in terms of profile and ability. Floether beat Lesser 4-21, 21-11, 11-21, 22-4. Hobden did well to nip past the German in the quarters. Hobden needed 12 and looked good at 12-11, until Floether moved to 18-11, then it was squeeky bum time! Hamza lost out to Hartley, Granville nipped past Hopwood but lost out to Batson. Granville and Hamza had a great match. I have no idea of the results, the results died with the laptop, lets have a stab. 21-7 to Granville, +14 after table tennis. Badminton, hmmm 21-15 to Hamza, +8 to Granville. Squash, 21-7 to Hamza (hurting after his 21-4 squash loss to Alex Hartley). This makes it +6 to Keenan before the tennis. Keenan then takes the match at 16-12.....well was I right, let me know guys!

More to Follow.....(can someone add some sensible conclusions like it's a growing sport, Brendan Carroll is challenging Mick Strode as the best racketlon referee in the world and it's a great facility which could host a huge summer event).

Next event - English Champs - a score each (roughly), all welcome, support the 4th English Closed event and help the sport grow on a regional basis, run a team, join a team, just bl**dy turn up! Ok that will get deleted at some point (perhaps).

Results Summary

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