UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

British Champs Results

Ed Batson beats James Treweek with some impressive displays of racketlon excellence.

Gemma Sgariglia beats Margaret Chambers in the Ladies final with some fantastic tennis.

Duncan Marlow adds to his London Open delights with some excellent squash, winning the O45's.

*more to follow


Can Treweek or Batson step up to take the title?

James Treweek and Edward Batson have both only played in one previous racketlon event, but both impressed and it will be interesting to see if they can take on the more established competitors. Alex Hartley is probably the marginal favourite for the event, after his Welsh Open title and impressive English Open. 

The Ladies event is wide open. Natalie Lawrence and Jane Cook are not participating.

The English Racketlon Association will look at how to attract the likes of Lawrence, Struthers & Reid to future events. Struthers has stated prize money won't pull him in anyway, but that time is the main issue. With a one day event, the association may look at making participation in at least 2 UK domestic events a year compulsory for all England players. This would mean Struthers would have had to have played 2 more UK events. It's a shame England's best player has only played in Belgium & Austria in 2009. This has a knock on impact as players like Jermaine Manners then feel there is more meat available in international events.

Keith Lesser is over ranked as number one seed and will do well to win his first match against a mysteriously named competitor called Bye. Bye will look to gain at least some ranking points and apparently is reasonable in the middle two sports, following quite a lot of practice at the English Open. Bye somehow fitted in a staggering 15 matches in one day.

Gosling Sports Park is a great venue and we look forward to seeing all competitors for a 10am start (sign in from 930am).

All the best

The British Champs Organising Team